Law and Order: SVU Ultimate Trivia

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It's pretty hard...only take if you've seen most of the show and/or are an avid fan!

  • 1
    Season One: What is the name of the series premiere?
  • 2
    Who stalked Detective Benson in the episode Stalked?
    Kyle Novacek
    Richard Manning
    Richard White
    Gabriel Duvall
    Kyle Hubert
  • 3
    In the episode ...Or Just Look Like One, what is wrong with Maureen?
    She's failing chemistry.
    She's pregnant.
    She's not eating.
    She's doing drugs.
  • 4
    Which psychiatrist conducts the evaluations in the episode Slaved?
    Dr. George Huang
    Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
    Dr. Audrey Jackson
  • 5
    Season Two: After the psychiatric evaluations, which two detectives are put under watch?
    Stabler, Munch
    Stabler, Benson
    Benson, Jeffries
    Stabler, Jeffries
    Munch, Jeffries
  • 6
    In the season premiere, Wrong is Right, two characters join the team. Who are they?
    Det. Tutuola, Dr. Huang
    Det. Tutuola, ME Warner
    ADA Cabot, Dr. Huang
    ADA Cabot, Det. Tutuola
    ADA Cabot, ME Warner
  • 7
    In the episode Manhunt, what country do Munch, Tutuola, and Cabot travel to?
    Czech Republic
  • 8
    Why couldn't Cabot prosecute the rapist in the episode Scrouge?
    He died.
    He pled guilty.
    He had AIDS.
    He had syphilis.
  • 9
    Season Three: Why, in the episode Wrath, does Benson become angry at Stabler?
    He forgets to pick her up while her car is in the shop.
    He gets too rough with a victim in an interview.
    He spills coffee on her paperwork.
    He sent protective detail on her without telling her.
  • 10
    In the episode Tangled, a cat becomes crucial to the investigation. While the cat's owner calls her Chloe, the SVU team calls her -
  • 11
    In the episode Guilt, what amendment does Cabot violate?
  • 12
    In the episode Competence, the victim, Katy, suffers from what disease?
    Down Syndrome
    bipolar disorder
  • 13
    Season Four: In the premiere Chameleon, what happens to the rapist in the end?
    She is killed.
    She is acquitted.
    She hangs herself.
    She is convicted.
  • 14
    Which actor joins the cast as a regular in Season Four?
    Tamara Tunie
    Diane Neal
    B.D. Wong
    Chris Noth
  • 15
    In Fallacy, Cabot claims the only reason Morty Borger became a lawyer is to what?
    See his face on TV.
    Run for office.
    Make money.
    Give people lethal injections.
  • 16
    What famous actor guest stars in the episode Futility?
    Fred Savage
    Anthony Edwards
    Ricky Ullman
    Noah Wyle
  • 17
    Season Five: Why does ADA Cabot leave the team in the episode Loss?
    She is killed in a drug investigation.
    She commits a felony and is sent to prison.
    She is disbarred.
    Velez is still out there.
  • 18
    In the episode Serendipity, Casey Novak joins the SVU team. The actress who plays her (Diane Neal) appeared as a rapist in what episode from season three?
  • 19
    In the episode Mean, it is discovered that which SVU character has a September birthday?
    Elliot Stabler
    Donald Cragen
    Casey Novak
    John Munch
    Olivia Benson
  • 20
    In the episode Poison, which judge does Novak publicly humiliate?
    Lena Petrovsky
    Trevor Langan
    Oliver Taft
  • 21
    Season Six: Which ER actress guest stars in the episode Debt?
    Sherry Stringfield
    Maura Tierney
    Ming Na
    Laura Innes
    Parminder Nagra
  • 22
    In the episode Ghost, former ADA Cabot returns after living in Wisconsin under the alias -?
  • 23
    In the episode Pure, Sister Peg is kidnapped because -?
    She knows the location of a body.
    Valentin thinks she is a virgin.
    She witnessed a mafia murder.
  • 24
    Why, in the episode Night, does the case get handed over to Tracy Kibre?
    SVU is too busy.
    Novak gets suspended.
    Novak is attacked.
    It's not really a rape case anymore.
  • 25
    Season Seven: Which character becomes the eighth member of the regular team?
    Judge Candice Bergen
    ME Melinda Warner
    Dr. Elizabeth Olivet

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