Are you possessed?

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Simple, really, this test will determine if you are or are not a tool of the ruinous power, slayer of kings, eater of souls, Satan Himself.

  • 1
    Right then. What do you dream?
    I dream of bunnies and candycanes!
    I dream in Stereo.
    I dream of blood, chaos, agony and small dismembered animals.
    I don't dream.
  • 2
    Your ideal holiday would be where?
    Only weakling mortals go on holidays.
    Anywhere but Mexico.
    Hell. Or Mexico.
    The land of bunnies and candycanes!
  • 3
    Do you have a burning urge to sacrifice the innocent?
    No! That's -mean-.
    Of course not. I get my minions to sacrifice people for me.
    Only on Mondays. Why? I don't -like- Mondays.
  • 4
    When people sing stupid songs, what do you do?
    Sing along!
    Rend their soul and send it screaming into the eternal void.
    Call Chuck Norris.
    Eat their heart.
  • 5
    Are you a small child who can blow open doors with their mind and vomits green goo?
    No, but my son is. His name is Damien.
    When I want to be.
    My cousin was abducted by aliens.
  • 6
    A man offers to assassinate the Pope for you. You...
    ...slip him a $20.
    ...foot his bill.
    ...demand the Pope brought to me, alive, for sacrifice.
  • 7
    A salesman rings you up to offer you a revolutionary new type of paperclip. What do you do?
    Offer him a pay rise for irritating so many people.
    Sacrifice a goat.
    Technology is evil, I don't have a phone.
    Trace the call and order a tactical strike on the mortal scum's house.
  • 8
    What's your favourite colour?
    Pain and suffering.
    Puce. No, ostritch.
    Your pathetic mortal colours are meaningless. Go away.
  • 9
    LolZ whAA7 aM i S4t1nnG!1!111eleven
    You will BURN.
    Bunnies and CANDYCANES!
    A terrible butchery of the English language.
    Shut the hell up, human scum.
  • 10
    Why the hell did you take this quiz?
    Because I thought there would be cookies.
    To further my evil plans for Universal domination.
    To bring pain and suffering to millions.
    Because I can. Are you questioning me?

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