The ULTIMATE Spongebob Quiz

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You think you know Spongebob? GUESS AGAIN

  • 1
    What is Spongebob's age?
    He doesn't have an age!
  • 2
    What was the main ingredient in the Krabby Patty secret formula that made Plankton scream?
    5 lbs of ground plankton
    3 lbs of sugar
    5 lbs of rotten garbage
  • 3
    In the Movie... What did the man on the big motor cycle's Leather jacket say on the back
    Bite Me
    Harley Davison Motor Cycles
  • 4
    What Is the bubble around Sandy's house made of
    Cheap plastic
  • 5
    What was the reason Spongebob got the suds?
    He caught it from Mrs. Puff
    He left the refrigerator door open
    He rolled around in the snow
    He ate too many popsicles
  • 6
    How many fingers does Spongebob have
    Duh... Five!
  • 7
    In the Prehistoric Times Episode... what did Squidward keep tearing off of Spongebob?
    A Band-Aid
    A Pretty Pink Ribbon
    A Loincloth
  • 8
    Okay... This one's super easy... What is
    Mrs. Puff (species)
    A blowfish
    A boating school teacher
    A fat Lady of course!
  • 9
    What was the man's name that was a famous art collector that wanted Squidwards art?
    Monty P. Moneybags
    George C. Monkeytags
    Monkey M. Bananabobana
  • 10
    Okay... this is the last question... What were the clocks only words to Spongebob... in his dream while he was "supposed" to be writing a paper?
    "Dr. Livingstone I presume?"
    "H2o is better for you"
    "Time's up Spongebob..."
    "Pssst... you better get that paper done... and fast!"

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