What planet are you truly from?

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We see the planets everyday; we each live on one of them. Whether you are a Martian, a Venusian or an earthling you should have some knowledge of current affairs. This test aims to determine your correct planet of birth.
This test has the stamp of approval from all interplanetary committee nations to be printed; Mercury, Venus, Earth (representative-seat), Mars, Jupiter (council chair), Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto (moon-class-seat)

  • 1
    How would you describe your location?
    Third rock from the sun
    The outermost planet
    The centre of the universe
    The beauty of the land amazes me still
    Just out from the asteroid belt
  • 2
    What is the asteroid belt? Remember: the rocky thing…
    The planet of the apes, in a million pieces
    Security from the attacking Martian force
    A collection of asteroids stuck in one place
    A place were many souls were lost
    A political stunt where we were seen as criminals
  • 3
    What God (Goddess) do you worship?
  • 4
    What is your opinion of earth’s space exploration?
    Earth has the potential to be very powerful, and a grand ally. If only Jupiter hadn’t gotten to its most powerful leader first…
    does not appear harmful, we have not been affected
    It should be treated with suspicion; though we have made contact with some earthling leaders we feel that we must hide ourselves from it.
    It does cost quite a bit, but it still very interesting. We have a right to discover what is out there.
    Knowledge is beautiful and powerful
  • 5
    What is a characteristic of you? No, we are not saying everyone on the same planet acts exactly the same, but there are similarities in some thinking. Remember: some of the evilest of people come from the nicest of families.
  • 6
    What is your opinion of Pluto’s controversial fence sitting policy?
    There’s a what? Isn’t Pluto Mickey’s dog? Oh, the planet…it’s a rock right?
    We are able to take this stance because we are not classified as an outer planet per say, there is debate among many about out former status as a moon: so we have not been let fully into the interplanetary council. This is the best course of action for us at this time.
    They are mediums for our debates, there needs to be one planet out there without any political alliances.
    Pluto is afraid to take a stance; Jupiter could probably swallow it whole in a minute. It is doing what is right for itself.
    Their policy is only for looks, they pretend to be mediums when they always stay on Jupiter’s side. Honestly, I saw the delegates from Jupiter and Pluto having lunch together the other day.
  • 7
    What is your star sign? We solar system folk take this very seriously; just remember some planets are ruled by two star signs, which occasionally over lap. We have allowed for this in our calculations.
  • 8
    How come nobody signed the agreement to blow up the sun and get the whole dying thing over with? Though Pluto was seriously considering it…until everyone stopped talking to them and they got lonely.
    Dying by ones own hand is unworthy of heaven
    Since the plan meant everyone would die? I vote plan B. But then again…
    WHAT? Oh my GOD!
    The beauty of the light would be taken over by the sorrow of cold
    I thought it was rather obvious
  • 9
    What is your favourite number? This is based on solar system moon structure and a rather large survey of two squids, one antelope and the interplanetary ambassadors. Though we excluded the answers from the few that insisted on answering ‘7’ to every single question.
    62 {well, a big number}
    A little number one
    A big number one
  • 10
    Alright, how would you react if you discovered there where two aliens sitting next to you at lunch?
    I’d suavely ask if they were from out of town.
    I’d try to discreetly discover if they were dead
    I’d wonder if I had to pay for their lunch, stupid politicians.
    covertly watch them to detect any hint of their jupitian background
  • 11
    What do you want for your next birthday?
    More minions! With blue shinny hats.
    OMG! O.C on DVD
    The destruction of Jupiter….and world peace
    A galactic battleship, mud cake, a supersonic race car…
    Peace and love throughout the galaxy
  • 12
    Age means different things on different planets, though we all measure age via galactic sun time, how old are you in you native land?
    Less then 1 year [total: 1149 days]
    32 years [total: 30 days]
    1 year [total: 17769 days]
    20 years [total: 7364 days]
    10 years [total: 7159 days]
  • 13
    The thirteenth question:
    Let’s sway…
    Sorry, what? There was a slight explosion in the interval…
    I refuse to move along until you give me an actual question!
  • 14
    Just a quick thing, unrelated but it’s a thing we have to do: type out the letters that appear in the picture:
    Letters? Picture? Did you forget something?
    I don’t see letters. Perhaps there is a waterfall?
    G-l-o-r-y, as per usual
    You’re mad woman! Mad!
  • 15
    Alright, lastly, let’s rate this using the standard galactic ratings.

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