What type of action/adventure movie would fit you?

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Haven't we all wondered what our type of movie is? Haven't we already taken tests like this? Well, here's another, specifically for different action/adventure movies.

  • 1
    Computer habits. What do the typical sites you check on a daily or near-daily basis contain?
    Computers, science, military technology, or space.
    Punk rock, rap, motorcycles, warez, or spiky things.
    Mythologies, RPGs and MMORPGs, LoTR, D&D...
    Boybands, friends' pictures, love tests, or poetry.
    Sports, fast cars, or martial arts.
  • 2
    Pick a country to travel to.
    Not going. I got other plans.
    I'd settle for any nearby technology exhibit.
    Iceland, Norway, New Zealand... Have you seen the terrain?
    France or Italy, despite the language. The chances are high I'll meet a charming/beautiful...
  • 3
    How well would you fare, should you find yourself in the middle of nowhere?
    I'd manage. *boyscout salute*
    Alone or with friends? If I got my friends with me, at least one special friend...
    Fairly well. People or no people, there's always a way.
    Without civilization? Not good. With... I'd manage.
    I'd live. If there's no people around, everything's free. If there are, they better not mess with me.
  • 4
    Assume you're given your (fairly realistic) dream job. Why'd you get picked?
    They wanted my unique talents or intellect
    They wanted me. I'm the best they could find.
    Picked? Chosen!
    They fell for my charm or beauty.
    Cuz I rock! Or... Like I care.
  • 5
    So, back to school. What are you?
    Cool and rebellious.
    A geek. They make fun of me.
    A dreamer, wanting an adventure.
    Absent and/or indifferent.
    A dreamer, dreaming of the right one for me.
  • 6
    Music preferences vary, but what about instruments? Which would you feel most comfortable being transformed into, and being?
    Piano. Or bagpipe, violin, marimba, agogo, kantele, banjo, some type of flute, chicken shake...
    Drums or screaming electric guitar. Or both.
    Flute, strings, maybe even some type of horn. I wouldn't mind being some type of guitar, either.
    Guitar, bass... Strings and brass are cool if they're fast enough.
    Synth. Or even a computer with effects and multiple tracks and...
  • 7
    Your autobiography, what title would fit it?
    Something about dreams or a heart or a smile, possible involving a cute or bizarre animal.
    The Quest of Life or the Chronicles of John Doe.
    Rock and Roll or Armed and Dangerous.
    Something difficult to pronounce, or Something Difficult to Pronounce.
    Spit, Bones, Lockjaw, Chrome. If those are too short: Tough. Deal with it.
  • 8
    I say food, you say:
  • 9
    And now, about proverbs, and such:
    Knowledge is power.
    Better to have loved and lost...
    Shit happens.
    Every journey begins...
    Serve and protect.
  • 10
    If you get a package delivered to you, addressed to you, but you know you didn't order it, you...
    ...Remember those conspiracy theories you've read, and refuse to open the box until you've played CSI with it's exterior.
    ...Throw it out of the building, fast. You later carefully examine it, open it, and assume whatever it is, it's bugged.
    ...Open it. It's obviously intended for you.
    ...Assume it's a gift from a charming stranger...
    ...Open it or trash it. Or both, at the same time.
  • 11
    A sport.
    Fencing, mountain climbing, horseback riding, triathlon.
    Chess. Like I care.
    Football, hockey, or racing.
  • 12
    Given the choice...
    I'd take that one-way trip to an alien planet.
    I'd step through that shimmering portal.
    I'd speed away from the highway patrol.
    I'd accept that dangerous mission.
    Yes! With no doubt. We're made for each other.

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