Are You a Glutton?

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Do you eat too much food?

  • 1
    For breakfast you eat
    Some cereal and orange juice
    Five large stack pancakes, 10 slices of bacon, 5 waffles, 4 glasses of orange juice, and 15 sausage links.
    A carrot stick
  • 2
    For dinner you eat
    A piece of lettuce with one tomato
    Three pork chops, a whole bag of fries, and three glasses of whole butter milk
    A steak, a potato, and some green beans.
  • 3
    It is time for dessert. What do you eat?
    A double chocolate fudge brownie, two ice cream cones, and three chocolate shakes
    One chocolate chip
    A brownie
  • 4
    Snack time. What you grab?
    A mushroom
    An apple and orange
    A plate of sausage and cheese crackers, three king-sized candy bars, and half a pan of double chocolate chunk brownies
  • 5
    It is Thanksgiving. (Ok, so it isn't RIGHT now, but pretend it is.) There is stuffing and turkey and cranberry sauce and all the trimmings. The food smells so good. Your plate is full enough for two people when a guest arrives late. There is not enough food for that guest. What do you do?
    Too bad! They shouldn't have been late!
    I give them the plate but take off a cucumber for myself.
    I would split half the plate with them. I can share.
  • 6
    John just brought in a box of doughnuts to work. There is a dozen doughnuts when you arrive. No one is there. They smell so good! Mmm! What do you do?
    I don't eat any. I already had oatmeal for breakfast.
    I eat just one.
    I eat every one of them. Who can resist?
  • 7
    It is your birthday. The cake is out. How big a piece you take?
    I take just a medium sized slice
    I take half the cake. The other half they can have. Unless I want more.
    I don't take any.
  • 8
    If it rained cheese burgers and fries, how much would you collect and eat?
    Every one I could get!
    A few, but I would eat just one and store the rest.
  • 9
    Your friend likes cupcakes. One day he brings in cupcakes for everyone. He expects to have at least ONE for himself. You know he ADORES them. Yet you love them too. There are 6 of them. and only 6 people total including him. You want two not just one. Now what?
    I don't eat any. I let him have both.
    I eat two. He will forgive me.
    I eat one. My friend means more to me than my stomach.
  • 10
    You are at a salad bar. So much food. You can go back as many times as you want. You tend to pack your plate as full as you can. How many times do you return to refill your plate?
    I only go once.
    Into I'm in the bathroom vomiting.
    Twice. Three if I am real hungry.
  • 11
    Your mother just cooked a dish of hot tuna casserole. There is enough to feed 6 people for two days. Day one is gone. Day two is now here. How much is left?
    Enough for 6. I only had 1 serving.
    Enough for 6 1/2
    Enough for maybe one person. What? I just got a little hungry!
  • 12
    Do you ever dream about food? If so or even if not, what do or would you dream?
    I dream about dancing broccoli.
    I am swimming in an ocean of chocolate mousse. I eat it all gone. It is a bottomless source of chocolate mousse.
    I dream I am eating a piece of my favorite cake.
  • 13
    You wake up with your pillow in your mouth. Why?
    I thought it was an onion!
    I like my pillow!
    I thought it was a giant marshmallow!
  • 14
    There is a pack of bacon. How much do you eat?
    The whole pack in one shot.
    None. I eat cauliflower instead.
    A few slices.
  • 15
    You are...
    A thin rail
  • 16
    You just finished eating 60 cookies, right?
    No! I ate none!
    No! I ate less!
    No! I ate MORE!
  • 17
    How often are you near the fridge?
    Rarely. The fridge is the enemy.
    All the time. I worship it.
    Once in a while. Mostly when I am hungry.
  • 18
    Uh oh! You took way too much food! Now what?
    I take back half.
    I eat it all. What's the big deal?
    Oh my! Oh dear! I take back it all and keep only a few radishes!
  • 19
    Yuck! You just bit into a slice of wax cake!
    No, you have the WRONG person. I would NEVER do that.
    So? It looks like cake. I will keep eating it.
    YUCK! Spit!
  • 20
    It is time to go. What will you do now?
    Cry cause I will miss you!:*****(
    Eat as much food as I can stuff.

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Pat ( 50.32 )
Posted 120 days ago
Oh come on, this test is so badly made !

It's as if the quiz was :
"Which salary bracket are you in?"

and you asked us the following choices for the:
"What is your annual income?" question:
A) 10 000 $USD dollars / year;
B) 20 000 $USD / year ;
C) 3 000 000 $USD / year.

Talk about ridiculously "extreme" choices.