Pop Quiz: Zelda Fitzgerald

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I am about to show you just how much you may think you know about our favorite flapper. I have shamelessly studied her life for a few years now, and it's gotten to the point where all of my friends and family think I am obsessed. Well, maybe I am. Lets see if you've got it just as bad, shall we? Introducing the very first trivia quiz dedicated to the one and only Zelda! Some of these 20 questions are multiple choice and some have short answers, and not all of them are totally about Zelda. Good luck!

  • 1
    How many brothers and sisters did Zelda have?
  • 2
    What year was this photograph taken?
    What year was this photograph taken?
  • 3
    In 1927, Zelda threw herself down a flight of stone stairs after seeing Scott being friendly with a female celebrity. Who was this celebrity?
    Joan Crawford
    Isadora Duncan
    Ethel Barrymore
    Clara Bow
  • 4
    What author was a friend of Scott Fitzgerald's, who was idolized and looked up to by Scott even though this "friend" didn't offer much more than harsh criticism?
    H.L. Mencken
    Ernest Hemingway
    John Dos Passos
    Ring Lardner
  • 5
    Who was the model for Rosalind Connage in Scott's "This Side of Paradise"?
    Annabel Fitzgerald
    Marie Hersey
    Ginevra King
    Zelda Sayre
  • 6
    Which of these is not a title for a biography about Zelda?
    The Crack-Up
    Sometimes Madness is Wisdom
    Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice in Paradise
  • 7
    Which movie starlet was only seventeen when she first met Scott Fitzgerald, whom she later had an affair with?
    Lois Moran
    Josephine Baker
    Constance Talmadge
    Lillian Gish
  • 8
    How many times did Ernest Hemingway get married?
  • 9
    Which of Zelda's childhood friends became a movie star?
    John Sellers
    Sara Mayfield
    Katherine Elsberry
    Tallulah Bankhead
  • 10
    What friend of Scott's lived and died in a way that foreshadowed Scott's own life in the years to come?
    Edmund Wilson
    Ring Lardner
    John Peale Bishop
    Shane Leslie
  • 11
    Which of Zelda's siblings committed suicide in 1933?
  • 12
    Where and when did Zelda die, and what was the cause?
    During one of her jealous rages over Lois Moran, Zelda threw herself out of the train she and Scott were travelling in on April 10th, 1927 (USA)
    In the Highland Hospital fire on March 10th, 1948 (Asheville, NC)
    In a car accident on August 13th, 1929 (Paris)
    Upon Scott's death, she committed suicide at the family home on December 24th, 1940 (Montgomery, AL)
  • 13
    When did Scott and Zelda get married?
    Valentine's Day, 1921
    June 1st, 1920
    January 25th, 1922
    April 3rd, 1920
  • 14
    How old was Minnie Sayre when she died of old age in 1958?
  • 15
    What name did Zelda give to her daughter before Scott christened her Frances Scott Fitzgerald?
  • 16
    What was the reason why Scott became so furious at Zelda when she wrote her only novel, "Save Me the Waltz"?
    Zelda was using the same material from their life in the French Riviera that Scott planned to use in "Tender is the Night".
    He was furious that she'd dared try and become famous now that his career was sinking.
    She wrote it behind his back and he didn't find out about it until after it was published.
    She refused to let him help her revise it.
  • 17
    Who played the character of Nick Carraway in the 1974 film version of "The Great Gatsby"?
    Scott Wilson
    Robert Redford
    Bruce Dern
    Sam Waterston
  • 18
    Who was with Scott when he died in December 1940?
    Lois Moran
    Scottie Fitzgerald
    Sheilah Graham
    Zelda Fitzgerald
  • 19
    What college did Scottie attend?
  • 20
    Who gave Scottie away when she married Jack Lanahan in 1943?
    Edmund Wilson
    Maxwell Perkins
    Newman Smith
    Harold Ober

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