How Obsessed Are You?

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Think you're an obsessed Ron/Hermione Shipper? Take the quiz below, and if it turns out you're as obsessed as you think, you can get a peek at one of the Ron/Hermione moments in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!"

  • 1
    Typically, when you hear the words "Harry Potter," the thought that comes immediately to mind is:
    Harry Potter rocks!
    And...we're talking about this why?
  • 2
    While surfing the Internet, you come across a highly popular Harry/Hermione fansite. You probably:
    Go into their chatrooms, if there is one, and yell at everybody about how it's R/Hr
    Open the webpage just to see what they're going on about
    Roll your eyes and go in search of a Ron/Hermione website
  • 3
    Ever since reading HBP, the only thought that has stuck in your mind is:
    ****'s death still makes me cry
    R/Hr and H/G finally!
    I haven't even read the book
    Ron with Lavender still haunts me
  • 4
    Since becoming an RHr fan, you have set up:
    An H/G website
    Nothing, I just enjoy surfing the Net for stuff about them
    An R/Hr website
    A fanfiction or fanart about them
  • 5
    Your family and friends are afraid to mention "Harry Potter" around you because:
    They're not afraid to mention it at all.
    You'll go off on a rant about how Ron and Hermione are so obvious
    Start talking about how much you love the books and movies
  • 6
    Which quidditch position would you rather play?
  • 7
    You're on holiday from school. What are you most likely to spend most of your time doing?
    Nothing "Harry Potter" related
    Studying in the library
    Daydreaming about Ron and Hermione
    Watching the "Harry Potter" movies
  • 8
    If you could say one thing to J.K. Rowling, what would it be?
    I'm glad Harry and Ginny got together
    I enjoyed the book (but thinking: it's not one of my favorites, though)
    Why did you have to torture us with Ron snogging Lavender like crazy?
  • 9
    If you could plot out the storyline for book seven, what would your main focus be?
    Just let J.K. Rowling do her thing
    Harry and Ginny trying to work their situation out
    Ron and Hermione's budding relationship
    Defeating the Dark Lord
  • 10
    Which Hogwarts house do you think is best suited for you?

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