A very random quiz for very random peeps

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Yes I know I'm brilliant, but that's no reason to throw mini staplers at the computer screen because it makes no sense, just take it!

  • 1
    If you had to go to a luau in Alaska dressed as a butterfly, would you bring a 6 year old grilled cheese sandwich?
    If I don't then what will I eat? I'm allergic to garlic stuffed potato wedges.
    Do you see that little duck swimming over there? Yup, ok, now picture it as a stilleto.
    If you had a million dollars would you buy a donkey?
    Pepperoni pizza
  • 2
    If I were to tell you that you were on fire what would you not not not not not not not not not do?
    Spray paint a waffle and shove it up a chicken's beak.
    No comment.
    Slow down your sugar intake as you ingest a woolly mamoth's trunk.
  • 3
    Please choose your favourite question to answer that you will not answer.
    What's t5o plus Q67 - your antelope's godmother x half of a canteloupe?
    Green polka dots?
    What's your favourite colour?
    If you had to eat a valentine in front of 30 people, how many people would be there?
    If you had to be a yuppie or a savage pig which would you throw at a panda?
  • 4
    What word comes next in the pattern?: Iron, wallet, cheese, penguin, see, foot, duck billed platypus, ________
    Your mom
  • 5
    What's your favorite rejected color?
    Why not violet
    Your maroon
    Toilet paper white
    Emo Green
    Ugly people red
  • 6
    If you saw two rabbits cross a finish line at the same time as a green hamster realizes there is no 'P' in hamster then how long until Ebola infects us all, and the world explodes into a rainbow of fear?
    - 57 years
    2 hours
    I don't believe in Antelope anymore.
    A llama
    Why are you so dense? The two are totally unrelated; you got the story all wrong.
  • 7
    What's your signature look?
    You too can save 55 grand, simply by clicking on the little circle next to this line!
    I don't drink, sorry.
    This season's trash will be played by moi...
    I want to lose.
  • 8
    Since this is your eighth question, and you've stuck by so loyally, here's an easy one: When is a jar, not a leg of lamb?
    Sorry, this is incorrect
    When it's a greasy banana?
    Elephants are so overrated
    Im sory, A camt speel todai.
    Because you forgot the R...
  • 9
    Ok, this question will make sense: Why are you still taking this quiz?
    I have no life
    This is a quiz? I thought it was the line for the movie theatre!
    I'm just plain awesome!
    I want to save my 55 grand!
  • 10
    If a little penguin wobbled up to you in the middle of the evening news, and you had no shoes on, what season would it be last December, three summers ago?
    Bonjour en la fajita mi amore jolla see mon frere en deutsch cactus?
    See, now we're stuck in the 9th dimension.
    Werewolves are attacking London... so basketball!
    You never gave me my 55 grand.
    WARNING: Selecting this answer will result in something that starts with that one letter...

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