What kind of girls do you attract?

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Trust in me! I'm a girl so I should know. ;)

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    There's a new girl in your class/work place. What do you do to make her feel welcomed?
    Introduce yourself and start a conversaton. ^.^
    Say hi then quickly(REALLY quickly) walk away.
    Ask her out(easy peasy lemon squeezy).
    Ignore her, she scares me!
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    If you find out that someone's talking trash about your friend, what do you do?
    Ask other worldly gods to punish them! (jp! but seriously >_<)
    Report them.
    Spread rumors that the person who originally started those rumors about your friend is a (insert name here).
    Tell them to meet you after school. You guys have some business to attend to.
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    If you find a stray animal that is in dire need for help, what do you do?
    Bring it to an animal shelter.
    Take a picture of it with your camera phone and send it to your friends telling them you "saved it".
    Leave it alone.
    Bring it home and give it to the girl down the street. Hopefully that'll keep her busy.
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    You have a free night off, who do you invite to come over?
    The whole darn school!
    Just that one special person so you can talk about how life is sooo depressing and that it's ok to fail sometimes. Man that's deep.
    A few of your good buddies just to hang out.
    Anyone but that girl....you know what I mean.
  • 5
    What do you do on that free night?
    Out playing some sport across the street in the park. (pretty vague, right?)
    Listening to loud music in your room to drown out the horrors in your life. *shakes head in embarassment*
    Talking about stuff...ya, y'know.
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    What do you like to do in your free time?
    Out in the center of town just walking around and occassionally(sp?) waving to people that you know. I'm sooo nice!
    Talking online and updating my Myspace. o_O
    Flirting and other stuff. -_-()
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    What do you buy your best girl friend(not a GIRLFRIEND, there's a difference)?
    An expensive purse that's too cool to use so it'll just rot away in her closet. I'm cool like that.
    Head phones to drown out the world...and music to go with it of course.
    A giftcard. That's okay, right? RIGHT!
    Anything she wants!
  • 8
    What are your group of friends like?
    Only the select few that are worthy of my stature.
    Mostly boys and 2 or 3 girls. We're real close.
    I don't have any. I'm cool like that.
    Everyone's my friend! *starts singing This Land Is Your Land while holding hands with people of every race, colour, and creed*
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    What do you do when you get into trouble?
    I mumble silently to myself as I give the teacher dirty looks(no, not THAT kind of dirty).
    I blame it on someone else.
    I don't get in trouble. Teachers fear my power! Besides, I'm on the football team.
    I follow what they say so I don't get into MORE trouble. That would be horrible.
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    And finally: What's your favourite colour? *rotfl*
    I don't have any.
    Pink. Don't take that as a weakness!

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