Inu Yasha, Sesshoumaru, Naraku, Kouga or maybe Mirouku?

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Fascinated with the male characters from “Inu Yasha”? Want to find out who would make a good match for you? Go ahead and try it out! Have fun!

  • 1
    What attributes would make a guy the ‘man of your dreams’?
    handsome, spontaneous, protective;
    mysterious, sensual, dangerous;
    intelligent, exotic looking, possessive
    courteous, strong-willed, persistent;
    charming, wise, womanizer;
  • 2
    Which of the following sceneries appeals best to you for a date with your chosen one?
    taking a long walk and then having a picnic on the shore of a beautiful lake;
    having dinner with his large family;
    watching a summer sunset from the cliffs of a high mountain
    a wooden boat on a slow flowing river, with cherry trees guarding the shore and the sweet scent of cherry blossoms coming on the warm breeze of a late spring afternoon;
    to be brought blindfolded to your date with not even the faintest idea of where you’re headed and what’s expecting you; *Mwahaha*
  • 3
    In a relationship you can cope with:
    being compared to previous relationships;
    his responsibilities and thus long absences;
    daily surveillance (you wouldn’t want the guy to find himself a new one – wink, wink);
    a partner so obsessed with his ‘business’, he might very well neglect you (big time);
    a rather brash behaving guy and a stalking ex-fiancée;
  • 4
    What’s the hottest thing about your guy?
    his eyes – he could freeze and melt you simultaneously with only his gaze! ah
    his ears – it must be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! kwaii
    his legs – damn!
    the tattoo on his back – hot, hot, hot – but the again, his face too could very well put an Armani top-model to shame! *o*
    His hands – most likely very skilled! ^_~
  • 5
    Things HE should never do!
    Thinking – it just confuses him all the more and the smoke rising from his ears cannot be good for his health!
    Wear costumes – just too awkward, down to eerie with him all dressed up in fur! eww
    Politics – he doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in his body!
    Professional male escort – he wouldn’t be able to get the drool off of him! Yay!
    Smiling – it’s just creepy and scares the living hell out of everyone! ***shivers***
  • 6
    The one thing you MUST get out of a relationship:
    passion and a good time in the bedroom (*o*);
    excitement and adrenaline rush;
    loyalty and devotion;
    adventure and entertainment;
    attention and flattering;
  • 7
    What would look good on him? (and please don’t say ‘me’ ^o^’)
    A funky kilt – we know he has the legs for that! Yee haaa!
    Fireman’s uniform – he does like to play the hero, so why not?
    A dark blue business suit – with that finster look of his, it must look gorgeous!
    Black leather pants, a skin tight top and spike collar – bondage look – a perfect contrast to that fair complexion of his! Yay
    A golf outfit – it’s just crazy and stylish enough to change his robes for, ne?
  • 8
    He could make a career as:
  • 9
    How would he show affection:
    by trying to cope a feel;
    by offending you;
    by inflicting pain;
    showing up as often as possible, bordering on stalking;
    by watching out so you don’t get yourself killed;
  • 10
    What does he do best?
    present the world with his famous, arrogant smirk on every occasion
    Elegantly, swiftly, quickly, skilfully, calmly …er, kill? o_o
    mediate arguments
    … eat … swear … eat dirt … brandish his sword like a halberd (no pun intended, dear Bankotsu ^_^’) yeah, that would sum it pretty much up;

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