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Do you have what it takes to survive in any social environment? Do you have charisma, or are you a social retard? Lets find out!

  • 1
    Ok, lets say you're in the inner city and you notice some African American (that's pc) guy, that looks pretty tough and he's staring at you with a piercing gaze. He's dressed in blue and sporting his new British Knight tennis you...
    Keep your head up and look around being sure not to make eye contact but not looking at him.
    Make direct eye contact. You do NOT want him to know you are intimidated.
    Give him a simple "what's up?" And then go about your way.
    Pull out your red hankerchief and blow your nose.
    Look at your shoes. You want to make sure that he knows, that you know your place.
  • 2
    If you run into a hick, and he doesn't like you there might be a fight. It's good to know what this is...What is a cowboy punch?
    If you run into a hick, and he doesn't like you there might be a fight. It's good to know what this is...What is a cowboy punch?
    Fucking a sheep is called a "cowboy punch".
    The way hicks fight...swinging wide from the sides.
    A reference to bull riding. It's when a cowboy is on the bull and he hits his nuts so hard that he throws up. Tell him "Calm down bro, or I'll cowboy punch you."
    A fruity drink with a southwestern can offer him one to calm him down.
    The large belt buckle they wear is also called a "cowboy punch". Because they will take it off and put it on their fists.
  • 3
    Lets say a shady guy pulls up to you in a crappy car and says "you need anything?"

    He is...
    Trying to sell himself to you (he's a male prostitute).
    Trying to start a fight.
    He is trying to mug you.
    He's probably a cop.
    Trying to sell you drugs.
  • 4 a reference to what illegal substance
    It's not a drug reference at all...I'm not stupid.
  • 5
    Ok, lets lighten this up...

    You want to talk to the hot girl at the bar, what is the best sentence to start with?
    "I noticed you're all alone, and so I thought you'd like me to annoy you for the next hour with my drunken antics, and my popped collar. By the way, are you in a sorority?"
    "Hey, my name's ______. "
    I'm an pussy and don't talk to girls.
    "I've been watching you all night."
    "Nice pants...bitch."
  • 6
    When you're talking to a stranger at a party you...
    Shake hands and let them do the talking, people like to talk about themselves.
    Make eye contact, and smile alot. You try to use his/her lingo, but you're still yourself.
    My mom told me not to talk to strangers.
    Compliment them on how cool or hot they are, and ask them questions about their tattoos...cause that won't annoy the shit out of them.
    Sniff their ass...that's how they know you're friendly.
  • 7
    An irish car bomb is a drink dumbass...what's in it?
    I don't drink
    Bailey's Irish Cream and everclear.
    Jameson's Irish whiskey and 151.
    Something that kills people in ireland...
    A shot of baileys dropped into a guinness
  • 8
    You exchange numbers with a cute GUY at the local coffee shop, and he says "Ok, cool, give me a call in a couple days." This means what?

    *hint: it's opposite if it's a girl
    He has to dump his girlfriend before you call him.
    He'll never call or return your calls.
    He's interested but too much of a pussy to make the first move.
    He'll call you before the couple days are up, so don't worry about calling him.
    He won't call you, but he'll return your calls.
  • 9
    Someone you've known for a couple of weeks asks you "Do you party?" He's asking if you...
    get high
    go to parties
    want to do lines of coke off of dead hookers
    are gay
    are into group sex
  • 10
    You are in a bar or at a party that is WAY beyond your level of sophistication. You...
    Claim that you are there with your significant other...that will let them know that you are acceptable.
    Leave immediately...those types have no tolerance for people lower than them.
    Drink alone in the corner and hope no one notices you.
    Just be yourself, they will accept you for who you are, as long as you are friendly and honest.
    Only speak when spoken to. You do not want to piss anyone off.
  • 11
    Which is NOT a type of heroin.
    China White
    Mongolian Blue
    Brown Tar
    Black Tar
  • 12
    Which is NOT a so-cal punk band?
    Social Distortion
    The Ataris
    Operation Ivy
    Green Day
  • 13
    It's ok to say "country music sucks" unless you are in which state?
  • 14
    The five pointed crown is the symbol for which gang?
    Latin Kings
    Aryan Brotherhood
    Gangster Kings
  • 15

    You have a party at your house and the cops are knocking on your door and asking to come inside. You...
    Invite them in. If you're polite they won't bust you.
    Go outside to talk to them and shut the door behind you.
    Don't open the door or respond. They don't have the right to bother you if you don't answer.
    Yell "fuck off pigs!" And go on partying.
    Pull out the 9 and pop in the clip.
  • 16
    You take a hot girl back to your house, and start making out. You find out that she wants to have sex and she says "I'm a virgin." You...
    Kick her ass out, and lock the door. Never talk to her again. Virgins cling.
    Ask again if you're sure she wants to, then when she says yes, sleep with her, but be nice. Make sure she's comfortable while you're doing it.
    Bang the living hell out of her! (who wouldn't)
    Don't even think about using a condom! It's not like you can get anything! Plus, girls can't get knocked up the first time!
    Just go down on her or something...make sure she has your number.
  • 17
    When is the proper time to pay a hooker?
    You don't! Slap the bitch, then steal her money!
    After the "money shot".
  • 18
    You know a guy who's always trying to act like a bad ass. He walks around with his chest puffed out, talks about martial arts, fucks highschoolers and tells everyone about it, and then trys to get with every girl that you are interested in.
    he is a "real man"
    he's gay and insecure about it
    he's compensating for a small penis
  • 19
    If you're poor the most important establishment to make friends at is your local...
    gas station
    grocery store
    police department
    mc donalds
  • 20
    Random *BONUS* question:

    If you run out of fish food, what food do your fish survive the best on?
    Random *BONUS* question:If you run out of fish food, what food do your fish survive the best on?
    human blood
    beer and cheerios
    ice cream
    human semen
    the algae in the tank

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