What is your level of sanity?

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  • 1
    Do you like moose?
    Of course! They are so snuggly!
    Huh? What are those?
    How dare you challenge me puny worm baby!
    MMM I like to dance in my magical cheese hat!
  • 2
    Have you ever done battle with a giant squirrel?
    Silence wretched human! Before I unleash screaming temporal doom upon your filthy head of lies!
    It ate my greasey head!
    I flew back to it's home planet with it and we beat up the bad guys
  • 3
    Have ye ever travelled to the parallel universe for beans instead of going to the store down the street?
    No I like to walk to the store!
    Lotsa beans, lotsa beans, beans, beans, beans!
    ARGH! My intestines are exploding with anger!
  • 4
    What is 1+1?
    1 on a bun
    The square root of yellow
  • 5
    Have you ever broken out into an irish jig for no apparent reason before?
    I want to pass probing day, all juicy and jiggly!
    I don't like to dance.
    Weeeeeee! I don't know what you just said!
    Yes, seeing as I am Irish.
  • 6
    Have you ever fluttered around like a pixy and, if so, what were you wearing on your head?
    a bicycle tire
    No, I don't flutter like a bloody pixy.
    two radioactive weasels
    Flutter around the mushrooms! That's what pixies do! XD
  • 7
    Have you had the serious urge to eat toe nail clippings in order to see a frog prince sing the blues?
    Hmm what is wrong with you?
    Not to my recollection.
    AHH! This test is making my brains leak out!
    Freedom costs a buck-o five!
  • 8
    Do you have the brainworms?
    Aaargh! The paiiiin!
    Mmhmm! See, this one's name is Nestor and this one is Penelope and this one is Edmond and this.....
    I had five biscuits and I ate one. Now I only have four. Take pity on my wretched soul!
    I don't think so?
  • 9
    Do you shake your fist at unsuspecting people and say, "OBEY THE FIST!"
    That would be mean! So no!
    Do not ignore my veins!
    Ahh...really now? I wondered why I was answering questions on toilet paper....
    Yes you! OBEY THE FIST!
  • 10
    Do foreigners with thick accents and blue hair call you "turkey eyes"?
    If you're happy and you know it, eat your foot!
    Gobble gobble gobble!
    Turkey eyes?
    Stolen wood burns better for being stolen. Let that be a lesson to you.

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