Would you survive in Shaun of the Dead?

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time limit:t < 10 min - Developed by: Monika Lee - Developed on: - 7.992 taken

Welcome to the Wenchester. Do you play the game while being attacked my zombies? Eat peanuts? Or get the pistol rumoured to be empty and defend yourself?

  • 1
    You're walking down the street as usual, doin' your dailies, right? You hear sirens in the distance, horns of cars and a faint scream, but you ignore that. People are walking a strange fashion, arms placed out in front of them. Blood mats their hair and their clothes are unruly. How do you react?
    Grab the soccer ball that the nearby zombie is playing with and chuck it at one of them.
    Flip out and run around bloody murder.
    Ignore it. It's cosplaying day.
  • 2
    At home, you're switching from channel to channel looking for a good show. All the news channels you pass by show gory pictures you find rather unusual. You stop at a channel, and the newsman says...'...hit them in the head, or somehow damage their brain. Avoid all further contact with the creatures.' You scoff, but are somewhat nervous. What do you do next?
    Lock doors, windows, grab a shovel and make sure your room mate isn't a zombie.
    Who cares? Continue on watching Cartoons.
    Freak. You pull a blanket over your head and hide in a closet.
  • 3
    You have to save your friends once you find out people are rising from the dead to come and kill you. With your friend and you equipped with weapons, you're out to save your mother, ex-girlfriend and her friends and drink. What are your methods?
    No one cares about them. Grab a beer and play games.
    You're still in the closet. Too scared to face the outside world.
    Grab your friend, zombie room mate's car, have your shovel and drive to save your mum, ex-girlfriend, and her friends while plowing through the street full of zombies.
  • 4
    You find out your mother's husband *your stepfather* is acting rather strange. Do you suspect he's been changed into a zombie? What do you do next!
    Carefully get your mum and check up on your stepfather...just in case...
    Omg he's a zombie? Flip out and toss your mum's kitchen knive's at him.
    Blow it off. Grab the mum, ex-girlfriend, and her friends and have some alcohol at the Wenchester.
  • 5
    You're hiding in a car and discover that your stepfather, whom you just came to respect has a bite the size of your head in his neck. He holds onto life by a string, mum panicking, and blood gushing. What do you do just as he's about to turn /over/?
    Cry, and try to shoot him. Too late, he turns and you have to abandon your transportation.
    Father, schmather. Shoot the hell out of him.
  • 6
    Your at the Wenchester. Your ex's friend is losing faith in you, and your mum has been acting strange. You hear a soft moaning in the distance....
    It's just the wind. Go get some whiskey.
    Try not to freak out, but board up the windows with the chair in the pub.
  • 7
    Your mum turned into a zombie. You shot her. The zombies are getting in and tore your ex's friend into shreds. The other friend flipped out since she was in love him and charged out into the zombie's with his leg. Hell is out and havoc is everywhere. What do you do?
    Grab the rifle of the wall and shoot it at the zombies. Then hide behind the bar and light it up with fire with the alcohol.
    GODDAMMIT! I'M TOO YOUNG! -you charge into the crowd, and die-
    I'm gonna die. Die with pride and your shovel in hands.
  • 8
    Oh fuck-a-doodle-doo. Your room mate got bit. He's not transformed tho' coz' he's a fighter. You're in the basement of the Wenchester. Your friend tells you to go on and lights his cig. With the gun in hand, you and your ex are the only ones left. What now?
    Try to find a way out.
    I'm going to die! Quick let's make out before the zombies come!
    We're not dead yet? Oh fuck it then. I'll stay with him.
  • 9
    Your friend turns into a zombie, while you found a way to escape. You're on the streets, chaos everywhere. Just as you think you'll die in your lover's arms, a bright light comes out of nowhere. An old neighbour has brought the effin' army! She asks you to join.
    Nod, and get into the humvee.
    Nah, I'll just rough it.
  • 10
    So...z-day is over. You found your dear zombie room mate and lock him in the woodshed. Everynow and then you guys play playstation. But that one day...he's about to bite you. How does this story end?
    FUCK YOU BITCH! -blow their brains out-
    No, the controller is over there.
    Hey, that's not right! -lean away-

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