How Well Do You Know Country Music's HOTTEST Bachelor?

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Think You Know More than Me? See if you do.

  • 1
    What is Kenny's full name?
    Kenneth Arnold Chesney
    Kenneth Roger Chesney
    Kenny Chesney
    Kenneth Patrick Chesney
  • 2
    How many siblings does Kenny have?
    none he's an only child
  • 3
    What is Kenny's parents' names?
    He lives with his sister
    Karen and Dave Chesney
    Carrie-Morris and Frank Chesney
    He was adopted
  • 4
    What were Kenny's first two jobs?
    Tour Guide in the Carribian
    Singer and Songwritter
    He never had another job
    Telemarketing and Vallet Parking
  • 5
    What grade was Kenny in when he got a girlfriend for a night?
    A senior in High School
    First Grade
    He never had one
  • 6
    What was Kenny's first video?
    Who You'd Be Today
    Whatever It Takes
    You Had Me From Hello
    How Forever Feels
  • 7
    How much money did Kenny make on last year's tour?
    More than a Million
    Less than a Million
  • 8
    Who is Kenny's best friend?
    Tim McGraw
    Payton Manning
    All of the Above
    Eli Manning
  • 9
    What do Tim McGraw's kids call Kenny?
    Uncle Kenny
  • 10
    What was Kenny's last tour called?
    The Road and the Radio
    Margerita's and Senorita's
    No Shoes
    Somewhere in the sun
  • 11
    Who is Kenny on Tour with now?
    Sugarland and Deirks Bentley
    Rascal Flatts
    Tim McGraw
    Toby Keith
  • 12
    What is Kenny's recent album called?
    The Road and the Radio
    When the sun goes down
    Greatest Hits
    Be as you are
  • 13
    Who was Kenny recently married to?
    Nicole Kidman
    Renee Zellweger
    He was never married
    Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland
  • 14
    What was Kenny's FIRST fiancee's name?
    Mandy Weals
    Renee Zellweger
    Gretchen Wilson
    Faith Hill
  • 15
    When is Kenny's birthday?
    November 16, 1998
    March 26, 1968
    May 4, 1978
    Febuary 14, 1970
  • 16
    Where does Kenny go to relax?
    The Virgin Islands
  • 17
    Where did Kenny graduate college from?
    Texas A&M
    East Tennessee University
    University of Texas
    Oklahoma University
  • 18
    What song was inspired by Renee Zellweger?
    Me and You
    You Had Me From Hello
    I Lost It
    Old Blue Chair
  • 19
    What song did Kenny sing at the 2005 CMA Awards?
    Who You'd Be Today
    Don't Happen Twice
    Livin' In Fast Forward
    You Had Me From Hello
  • 20
    How many kids does Kenny have?
    He doesn't have any

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