The Ultimate Accurate Love Quiz

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This quiz will tell you if that guy youíve been crushing on wants you or not. Find out now!

  • 1
    How often do you see each other?
    Twice a year
    I only saw him once
    Once or more a week
    I donít see him much at all
    Every single day
  • 2
    Do you make eye contact with him, and if so, how does he react?
    He watches my friends, not me.
    He doesnít even look at me!
    He stares me as much as possible
    He laughs when I look at him
    He stares me, and when I notice him he shyly turns away.
  • 3
    Why do you like him?
    Heís rich! ($$$)
  • 4
    Do you think he likes you?
    No. Iím positive.
    No, he hates my guts.
    Of course yes!
    Probably, Iím not sure.
    I only wish he did.
  • 5
    How long have you liked him?
    I just met him today.
    About a week.
    All my life.
    For about a year or more.
    Probably six months.
  • 6
    Do you all have anything in common?
    A few things.
    Not one thing.
    I donít know.
    Almost everything.
    I think so.
  • 7
    How does he act around you?
    He almost throws up when he sees me.
    He is sweet and respectful.
    He laughs after me.
    Pretends he doesnít see me.
    Doesnít know I exist.
  • 8
    Has he ever flirted with you?
    I think so, but Iím not sure.
    I only wish.
    No, never.
    What is flirting?
    Yes! He so cute!
  • 9
    Do you talk to him by phone, e-mail, etc.?
    He never talks to me.
    We only talk when we see each other.
    He doesnít even know my name!
    Yes, we talk often.
    We use our friends as ďmessengers.Ē
  • 10
    Why would your crush like you?
    He wouldnít like me for anything.
    I buy him all kinds of stuff.
    I am beautiful!
    I wear beautiful clothes, jewelry or perfume.
    He thinks Iím smart and I tell him the answers for the math homework.