THE Harry Potter Quiz(experts only!)

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10 Questions - Developed by: AnnaLisa - Developed on: - 8.922 taken

This is for expert fans of HP, trust me, I know the movies and books. Good Luck!

  • 1
    Which founder of Hogwarts took off their hat and had it become the Sorter Hat?
    Helga Hufflepuff
    Godric Griffindor
    Professor Dumbledor
    Salazar Slytherin
    Roena Ravenclaw
  • 2
    (Book 6) Harry and Dumbledore went to a cave to find something. What liquid did they use to get in?
    polyjuice potion
    Sleeping Drought
  • 3
    (movie 4) Neville got a book from Professor Moody. What was it called?
    Magical Me
    Golshok's Guide to Herbology
    For Idiots
    no idea..........
    Hogwarts a History
  • 4
    (book 5) Professor Umbridge made Harry spend his detentions by.....?
    feeding her cats
    making him write in blood
    replacing old records of his father and Sirius
    sorting out flobberworms
    touching the Wopping Willow
  • 5
    (movie 4) What was the article by Reeta Skeeter about Harry called when they had an interview?
    Twizard Rebel
    Harry's Tragic Tournament
    Twizard Wizards
    Me, Myself and I
    FOUR Champions
  • 6
    (book 4)Who tormented Frank Longbottom and his wife by the means of the Cruciatis Curse?
    Lord Voldemort
    Barty Crouch Jr.
    Alastor Moody
    Lucius Malfoy
  • 7
    (book 6) In front of the Room of Requirements is a painting of what?
    a Knight on a pony
    Trolls in Tutus
    The Fat Lady
    a safari theme
  • 8
    (book 4) Who did Ron ask out for the Yule Ball, but run away from?
    Cho Chang
    Fluer Delacour
  • 9
    (movie 4) What did Professor Moody transform Malfoy into?
    a white ferret
    a burger?
    a black ferret
    a flobberworm
  • 10
    (movie 4) What was the spell called when Harry's and Voldemort's wands connected?
    Pririor Incantem
    Avada Kedavra

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Anonymous ( 9.184 )
Posted 109 days ago
In question 6 it says who tortured Frank Longbottom and his wife it wasn't Barty crouch Jr. It was Bellatrix Lestrange