Sonic Adventure 2 Quiz

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  • 1
    Why did Shadow destroy everything in his path?
    He just wanted to kill Sonic to gain Eggman's trust
    none of the above... Do I look smart?
    He was ruthless
    He never destroyed anybody!
    To fulfill his promise he thought he made to Maria
  • 2
    Who awoke Shadow?
    Dr. Gerald
  • 3
    What is the Main Theme called?
    Believe in Myself
    Throw It All Away
    Live and Learn
    It Doesn't Matter
    My Sweet Passion
  • 4
    What weapon does Amy have?
    The Tornado 2
    Egg Walker
    Piko Hammer
    A big sword
    What do you take me for! A weaponsman!
  • 5
    What is Tails' theme song called?
    Points of Authority
    I hate music!
    Live and Learn
    I Am The Eggman
    Believe in Myself
  • 6
    What happens to the Master Emerald?
    Tails crushes it for fun
    Eggman steals it
    Knuckles breaks it to protect it from theft
    Sonic uses it for Emerl
    Rouge steals it
  • 7
    What did Shadow plan on doing?
    Killing Eggman
    Dating Rouge (weird)
    Activating the Eclipse Cannon at the Space Colony: ARK
    Making a robot
    Playing baseball
  • 8
    What is the first Boss fight in the Dark Story?
    What do you take me for? A Sonic freak? I'm outta here!
    The Biolizard
    Scorpion Troops: Hot Shot
  • 9
    When does Sonic first face Shadow?
    After facing Eggman
    After Crazy Gadget
    Before the Green Forest stage
    After City Escape
  • 10
    What does Chaos Control do?
    I don't like Sonic that much.
    Teleports the user to another place
    Blows everybody to pieces
    Has Chaos control the Master Emerald
    Makes the user invisible
  • 11
    Why does Eggman try to get more Emeralds?
    To make sushi
    To turn Super Eggman.
    To activate the Eclipse Cannon.
    Umm... Huh?
    In order to make Chaos Soup.