Sonic Adventure 2 Quiz

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  • 1
    Why did Shadow destroy everything in his path?
    He just wanted to kill Sonic to gain Eggman's trust
    To fulfill his promise he thought he made to Maria
    He was ruthless
    none of the above... Do I look smart?
    He never destroyed anybody!
  • 2
    Who awoke Shadow?
    Dr. Gerald
  • 3
    What is the Main Theme called?
    Throw It All Away
    Live and Learn
    Believe in Myself
    It Doesn't Matter
    My Sweet Passion
  • 4
    What weapon does Amy have?
    The Tornado 2
    A big sword
    What do you take me for! A weaponsman!
    Piko Hammer
    Egg Walker
  • 5
    What is Tails' theme song called?
    Believe in Myself
    I Am The Eggman
    Points of Authority
    Live and Learn
    I hate music!
  • 6
    What happens to the Master Emerald?
    Sonic uses it for Emerl
    Rouge steals it
    Eggman steals it
    Knuckles breaks it to protect it from theft
    Tails crushes it for fun
  • 7
    What did Shadow plan on doing?
    Killing Eggman
    Making a robot
    Activating the Eclipse Cannon at the Space Colony: ARK
    Dating Rouge (weird)
    Playing baseball
  • 8
    What is the first Boss fight in the Dark Story?
    What do you take me for? A Sonic freak? I'm outta here!
    The Biolizard
    Scorpion Troops: Hot Shot
  • 9
    When does Sonic first face Shadow?
    After City Escape
    Before the Green Forest stage
    After Crazy Gadget
    After facing Eggman
  • 10
    What does Chaos Control do?
    Has Chaos control the Master Emerald
    Blows everybody to pieces
    Teleports the user to another place
    I don't like Sonic that much.
    Makes the user invisible
  • 11
    Why does Eggman try to get more Emeralds?
    In order to make Chaos Soup.
    To make sushi
    Umm... Huh?
    To turn Super Eggman.
    To activate the Eclipse Cannon.