Are you a kind person?

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Are you as nice as you think? Take this quiz and see!

  • 1
    You are at an intersection with a stop sign. You...
    Honk at the cutie who's crossing.. and narrowly avoid a collision
    Rev your engine so that the intersecting traffic doesn't get any ideas
    Let an old, funny looking couple cross the street.
  • 2
    You are in the express lane with fifteen too many. You...
    stay in line..if anyone says something, you can just push one item to the side
    Get checked's just one over the limit
    Excuse your way out of that line.. and make your way into the right one
  • 3
    You are on the corner, and someone is running for the bus. You put out your hand and..
    point a finger at them and laugh until your throat is sore
    Yell for the driver to wait
    hail a taxi cab
  • 4
    You go to the store for a candy bar, pay with a twenty dollar bill, and get two fives and a ten in return. You look at the money and..
    stuff it into your pocket before the clerk realizes the mistake
    buy two more candy bars hoping that the cashier makes the same mathematical error
    Hand it right back, you would hate for that to happen to you
  • 5
    Somebody, within earshot, is speaking way too ill of your beloved momma. You...
    Don't do anything.....yet......
    Ignore it. They are just jealous that your mom packed you lunch.
    Say,"Your mom is so fat you got to feed her in shifts!"
  • 6
    solve for p
    Excuse me, what?
  • 7
    The waiter is flirting with your girlfriend a lot. You decide to...
    Grab your girlfriend and kiss her lips numb
    Ask him to stop, very politely.
    Kick his minimum wage making @#*%!
  • 8
    You see a kitten on the road in front of your car. You...
    Check for cars behind you and stop if you can.
    hope that the hose doesn't have holes in it ..ewwww
    try to hit it with the front tires. .you just got the back ones replaced
  • 9
    If a cop pulls you over, and gives you a ticket, but you didn't break any laws, you..
    Graciously accept the ticket (and later protest in court)
    Scream at your dog when the officer pulls off.
    Give everyone (including the officer) your most ill mannered gesture
  • 10
    Your boss asks you to train the new mailroom attendant because she did not want to. You...
    Do it... and give all the exclusive gossip about the boss to the newbie
    Give them a map and tell them good luck
    Do it. But make it clear that you won't do it again.

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