Who should NOT be your type?

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You want what you cannot have or you want what is bad for you. Take this quiz to find out who is your type, but shouldn't be. These are the ones you are drawn to, but you should RUN from. This quiz is just for fun.

  • 1
    If you could describe the primary feeling you have for your partner, what would it be.
    Mix of feelings
  • 2
    You are sitting in a bar, the person you are attracted to is...
    The person drinking and smoking in a corner and looking dangerous
    The rude person who just took someone's seat
    The person who looks like a deer in headlights
  • 3
    A person bumps into you and nearly knocks you over. The person hardly gives you a glance and doesn't apologize. You think...
    What an overconfident jerk.
    Wow, that person has a lot of confidence. I'm intrigued.
    Hmm. I might like that person.
  • 4
    Your neighbor smokes Camels, drinks whiskey, and is hardly ever home. You think.
    I hate smokers. Maybe I should talk to this person.
    I can change this person. I'll take care of them with all my love.
    My dream date. I think I'm in love.
  • 5
    You are a very messy person. You meet someone who is like Felix Unger-- a complete neat freak. Would you befriend this person?
    Absolutely. I like the challenge of a different personality.
    Neat freaks sound unexciting. I'd rather watch PBS on a Friday night.
    Maybe this person can do my dishes and laundry.
  • 6
    Your best friend says, "Don't date this person. S/he is a shivering wreck-- can't pay their bills and is always leeching off of somebody." What do you say.
    I can handle this person. They just need some love and support.
    Does not sound like my type. I need somebody to take me out.
    Why can't I date this person? Just because we are different?
  • 7
    You are dating the most disagreeable person. You say the sky is blue. Your date says the sky is green. You argue constantly. What do you do next?
    Nothing, the relationship is going well. It is full of passion.
    Since they won't listen, I can't help them. Time to break up.
    Dump them. The relationship is a waste of time.
  • 8
    Who is your dream celebrity couple?
    Tommy Lee and Pamela Lee Anderson
    Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • 9
    You go on a blind date. You find out they spent time in jail. You think...
    They sound needy. How exciting!
    They sound dangerous. How intriguing!
    They sound angry. How appealing!
  • 10
    What are the three little words that get you in the mood for romance?
    I need you.
    I hate you.
    I'm so wasted.
  • 11
    Your sweetie bakes you a cake for your birthday. Unfortunately, muffin was distracted and substitutes laundry detergent for sugar. After being nearly poisoned, you say.
    You rat bastard. I should kill you for this.
    You must've been high to do this. That is so cool.
    You helpless mess. Let me do the baking for now on.
  • 12
    You partner cheats on you with somebody dumber and uglier than you. What do you do?
    You are upset and cry many tears. Then you try to work it out with them.
    You can't believe it. You did so much for them & they betrayed you.
    You set fire to their car. Then you cheat on them.
  • 13
    You notice a pattern in most of your relationships. What is the pattern?
    Your relationships are a lot of work with little reward.
    Your partners love getting high more than spending time with you.
    Most of your relationships involve screaming matches & broken stuff.
  • 14
    You partner tells you that s/he is going back to college. You say:
    "I bet your probation officer will be real proud."
    "Where are you going? Clown college? Ha Ha Ha!"
    "Wonderful baby. I'll help you study. Want a back rub?"
  • 15
    Your partner decides to change and become independent, nice, and wholesome. What do you do?
    You throw dishes against the wall and cry, "It's not fair!"
    You get drunk, start smoking, and get a tattoo on your forehead.
    You beg and plead to your partner crying, "You need me. You need me"

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