Which UnanImous conteastant are you?

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Ever wondered which conteastannt on this show you are? Me Neither, but this is still a fun quiz.

  • 1
    You realize you might win $1,500,000. You figure out you must get the others to give you the money. What is you first reaction
    Try to figure out how to lie to get my fellow conteastants to give me the money.
    Money is the root of all evil.
    I almost cry from the shear amazement.
    Wow! That's my money!
  • 2
    How do you try to get your fellow conteastants to give you the money?
    Honestly tell them I am trying to raise my family.
    Lie, lie, lie!
    I don't. If God wants me to win, I will.
    Just keep giving them excuses to why its mine.
  • 3
    Which fellow conteastant do you trust the most?
    Jamie, she is selfless and would never lie to anyone.
    Steve and Adam, it's a tie. They are both great guys.
    Jonathan, I want me and Adam and him in the end.
    Steve, I believe he is totally honest.
  • 4
    Would you ever quit?
    If I get to stressed with liars.
    No, the money means alot to me.
    No, I'll keep lying to get the money.
  • 5
    The whole group agrees to give one person the money. What do you do?
    Vote for them, they're honest.
    Feel emotional for them.
    Lie, lie, lie.
    Vote for them, duh. I just want out of this (bleep)
  • 6
    Would you ever form an alliance.
    Yes, I hope they're honest.
    No, they're made to be broken.
    Yes, I do appreciate a few of my fellow players.
    I would like to, but for some reason no one likes me. (bleep)
  • 7
    How do you feel about one person who lied to the whole group?
    I totally disrespect them.
    I was that person.
    I just hope the people don't think it's me.
    I do not want to be in a room with a liar.
  • 8
    You are outcast but then put back in the game. There is over $700,000 on the board. What is your reaction?
    Great, now I can lie more and get that money.
    I would cry.
    Money is the root of all evil.
  • 9
    You get to outcast one fellow conteastant. Who and why?
    Richard, he's crazy.
    Me, I hate this game. (bleep)
    Jameson, he is homosexual, which the Bible specifically speaks against.
    Vanessa, she treats me like her kid.
  • 10
    Finally, you've just one about $600,000. How do you feel?
    Yea, I'm out of this (bleep)
    My lying paid off!
    I would cry.
    It was God's will.

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