How do you think about women

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Take this test to see if you are straight or just plain out gay.

  • 1
    You see a woman walk down the street, you
    Smack her butt
    Ignore her entirely
    Ask her out
    Look at her big butt (if she has one)
    Say she's a lesbian and move on with your gay life
  • 2
    You go to school and a girl asks you out. What do you do?
    Say no and kiss another guy right beside you
    Say yes and ask for sex on the first date
    Say she's a whore and go tell her to find herself a job
    Tell her she is hot and go out with her
    Tell her yes and just ignore her completely
  • 3
    I know you have to be gay if you answer this wrong. What does a woman have on her chest?
    A small penis
    Your face
    Masculine hair
    Nothing at all
  • 4
    You are going to the store and you find a lady asking for your help, you
    tell her yes and then ask her out for dinner
    smack her butt and leave her alone
    tell her to find another place to go
    tell her your gay and you just got married
    go to the next isle
  • 5
    Youíre on the web looking at a porn site, you
    say uckk and go to a gay porno site
    go back to bed
    jack off to all the women you see
    ask your gf to have sex with you
    ask your bf to have sex with you
  • 6
    You are asked a personal question by a girl, you
    go over to her house and show her what you have
    tell her the personal things and ask her personal things
    say you have a gf and you'd like a three some
    totally ignore her
    tell her to mind her own business
  • 7
    You find yourself in a classroom full of girls. These girls are hot and beautiful. One comes up to you and start talking to you, you
    talk to her until it is time to go to the next class
    give her your number and ask her to call you later
    ask her to be friends with you and then take the friendship even further
    totally ignore her
    say your pathetic pick-up line
  • 8
    Itís your birthday and your mom tells you to bring some friends over, you
    invite a whole bunch of women to your house without clothes
    invite only yourself
    start inviting everyone over to your house except for women
    go tell your mom to go somewhere else
    invite a whole bunch of women to your house
  • 9
    You are loosing your popularity. You start hanging out with hot women and you are asked out about a week later, you
    tell her yes and ask her to come to your house with some food
    tell your mom first and ask questions later
    tell her no
    tell her yes
    tell her yes and ask her to come to your house
  • 10
    Someone has spread a rumour about you saying that you got someone pregnant (ugly girl in school). What do you do?
    say your gay and are interested in men
    tell your whole school your just plain out stupid for going out with that girl
    say hell no and tell her go somewhere else
    go to the place where all the women hang out and ask everyone of them out
    tell the whole school that you got her pregnant and you will do it some more
  • 11
    You just have experienced something you'll never forget. But the girl that you did it with won't say anything to you anymore. What do you do?
    look at her and apologize
    ask some other girl out
    tell her she's a dog
    Tell her to smoke pot
    just ignore her
  • 12
    What is in her pants?
    a penis
    a vagina
    your best friend
  • 13
    Do you ever enjoy looking at women?
    I'm gay
  • 14
    You have no choice but to have this girl in your class. She hates you, wants to kill you, and tell your friends to kill you. What do you do?
    Ask her why
    Kill her
    ignore her
    ask a girl to kick her butt
    smack her in the face
  • 15
    Make it simple. Are you gay?
    Hell No
    Your a dumbass for asking this question
  • 16
    Are you confused?
    If your saying I'm bi then yes
  • 17
    Make it clear. Have you ever had sex with a women?
    Yes and it was good
    I don' have sex with women, only men
    Yes and it sucked
  • 18
    Are you going to be mad at the results?
    I'm offended
  • 19
    Has this test been boring.