Who’s Your Inner Horror Movie Character?

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Ever wonder which one you’re most like? Probably not. But still, wouldn’t it be interesting to know? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    Which one of these weapons is your favorite?
    Hook-tipped chains
    Machine gun
    Gloves with metal claws
    Butcher knife
  • 2
    Which of these situations would anger you most?
    Someone lying about you
    Someone defying you
    Someone purposely setting you on fire
    Someone sending you to a mental institution
    A bunch of kids pushing you in the water and letting you drown
  • 3
    Which of these age/people groups gets on your nerves the most?
    Preppy teens and anyone who gets in your way
    Little kids and teens
    Anyone who opposes/challenges you
    None of these annoy you too bad
    Teens and siblings
  • 4
    What is (or would be) your fighting style?
    Stealthy – You prefer to sneak up on them and take them completely by surprise
    Psychological Warfare – You would psych them out and then finish them off
    Straight-forward and to the point – when you go after someone, they know it
    Torturous methods – you really know how to get under people’s skin (pun intended, by the way)
    You would just go at in what ever way seems best at the time
  • 5
    Out of these, which is your favorite?
    Black leather and spikes
    A hat
    A cool necklace and a pair of shades
    A hockey mask
    A plain white mask
  • 6
    Someone you’ve never met walks up and insults you for no reason. What do you do (or would like to do)?
    You’d insult them right back. They’ve got nothing on you!
    Walk away pretending not to have heard them. They’d probably beat you anyway if it came to a fight.
    Have your minions make their presence known then glare menacingly at your insulter. He/She picked the wrong day to mess with you!
    Creep them out by silently staring, then walk away. You’ll get them when they’re least expecting it.
    You’d look at them for a moment, then dropkick them across the room.
  • 7
    Which of these songs do you like the most? (If you haven’t heard them, pick the title you like best)
    “Material Girl”
    “Iron Man”
    “I’ll Be Watching You”
    “Dream Weaver”
    “Hooked On A Feeling”
  • 8
    So, your car breaks down on a deserted road late at night and you call someone to pick you up. What do you do until they get there?
    You’d wait in the car, a gun on your lap, looking nervous. Why is your friend taking so long?
    Stay in the car and listen to you favorite radio station or CD. You’ve got to keep yourself amused.
    Wait in the car and look watchfully out of the window. You have to stay alert.
    Grab the weapon (gun, knife, etc.) that you always carry with you, and walk a around for a while. You’d get bored if you stayed in the car.
    Get out and walk around (with a weapon, of course). You’ve got nothing to be afraid of and you love the night, so dark and mysterious.
  • 9
    How easily are you distracted?
    You’re somewhat able to be distracted. But you’re always the one to decide if your mind wanders or not.
    ) It’s pretty hard to distract you. You’re usually very focused.
    Very easily. You have a tendency to “run down rabbit trails”.
    About as easily as anyone else.
    You do not tolerate distraction and therefore do not get distracted.
  • 10
    So, you’ve had a particularly bad day and are really tired when you get home. What do you?
    Take a long nap, maybe several hours.
    Take a short “power nap”. You only need a few minutes to recharge.
    Eat something. You may be tired but that doesn’t mean you’re not hungry too.
    Take a moment to sit alone in your room while you clear the clutter of the mundane world from your mind.
    Plop down in front of the TV.
  • 11
    Out of these, what are you most likely to be made fun of for?
    Your mental state
    None of these. You’re mostly average.
    Your clothes
    Your ways/behavior
    Your physical appearance
  • 12
    Which of these color combinations appeals to you most?
    Red and blue
    Dark shades of green, gray, and black
    Red and Black
    Dark blue and white
    Silver, black, and white
  • 13
    What do people complement you most for? (If none, then pick the one you’d like to be complemented for)
    Your unique personality. There’s no one quite like you.
    Your beauty/handsomeness. You’ve got it and you flaunt it.
    Your stealth. You could be a spy if you wanted to be.
    Your resilience. No one can stop you.
    Your sense of humor. You’ve got more jokes and taglines than anyone you know!
  • 14
    Which of these places would you most like to live?
    In a place where people won’t bother you.
    In a small town.
    In a nice two-story house.
    In Hollywood.
    In another dimension.
  • 15
    Which of these scares you the most?
    Your destruction/defeat.
    None of these really scare you.
    Psycho killers.
  • 16
    If you could have any of these pets, which would it be?
    A leopard. It’s smart, stealthy, and powerful – just like you!
    A hellhound. It would strike terror in people’s hearts!
    Just a regular cat or dog would be nice.
    Pet’s? You don’t need any pets.
    A red and black snake. You like the colors.
  • 17
    Which of these numbers is your favorite?
  • 18
    Ask someone near you (or decide yourself if no one’s there) how cruel you are on a scale of 1 – 5. (1 = least cruel)
  • 19
    Which of these Halloween masks would you wear?
    One with spikes or pins sticking out of the head.
    A sneering burned one.
    Some other mask or none at all.
    A plain white one
    A Hockey mask
  • 20
    You’re walking along a deserted alleyway at night. Someone comes out of nowhere and attacks you. How do you defend yourself?
    Stab them with you hook-bladed knife for maximum damage. You show no mercy.
    Blast them with your gun. Quick, easy, and effective.
    Claw at them crazily with your long fingernails.
    Run them through with the abnormally large knife you always carry with you.
    Slit their throat with one clean swipe of your knife.

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