The Philosopher's Quiz

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Test your knowledge of history's greatest thinkers and ideas!

  • 1
    In whose works is the "Knight of Faith" mentioned?
  • 2
    In which of The Dialogues is Socrates confronted with the decision to escape or face his death sentence?
  • 3
    Why does he choose to face his punishment in the above Dialogue?
    As a citizen, he has entered into a contract according to which he must abide by the state's laws.
    He concurs with the court's ruling.
    He fears escape will not be so easy.
    Protagoras' argument is proven false.
  • 4
    What are the two concepts attacked in Quine's "Two Dogmas of Empiricism"
    A semantic foundation of language and a posteriori knowledge
    Logical Positivism and Bivalence
    Analyticity and Reductionism
    Putnam's pragmatism and Van Frassen's theory of probability
  • 5
    Frege's "Grundgesetze der Arithmetik" was undermined by a paradox but forth by:

    Georg Cantor
    Alfred North Whitehead
    Kurt Gödel
    Bertrand Russell
  • 6
    Whose work is translated as "Being and Nothingness" in English?
    Nishida Kitaro
    Karl Jaspers
    Martin Heidegger
    Jean-Paul Sartre
  • 7
    What does the Euthyphro Paradox involve?
    The foundations of piety.
    Knowledge is recollection.
    A caged bird.
  • 8
    One formulation of Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative can be paraphrased as:
    Act on maxims that can be universalized.
    Act in such a way as to bring about the greatest happiness.
    Follow God's commandments.
    Act as though you are under a "veil of ignorance".
  • 9
    Ludwig Wittgenstein made use of a fire poker during an infamous confrontation with:
    Bertrand Russell
    Karl Popper
    Timothy Williamson
    Gottlob Frege
  • 10
    Who developed a successful modal logic when he was fresh out of high-school?
    WV Quine
    Gavagai Humperdinck
    Alfred Tarski
    Saul Kripke

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