The ultimate Harry Potter Quiz

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This quiz will test your knowledge of the Harry Potter books and how well you can spot important details.

  • 1
    What is Hogwarts motto and what does it mean in English?
    How am I supposed to know
    draco dormiens nunquam titallundus; never tickle a sleeping dragon
    I like pizza
    draco doorman nunquill tutollundous; never answer a kelpie's offer
  • 2
    What must you do to enter the Hogwart's kitchens?
    tickle a pear in a portrait of fruit
    cast alohamora
    eat a slice of pizza
    walk past it 3 times and think hard on going in
  • 3
    What are Harry's, Sirius's, and the Sorcerer's Stone's vault numbers?
    678, 714,& 713
    pizza, pizza, & pizza
    687, 712, & 713
    563, 566, 712
  • 4
    Amortentia is a potion that is known for its power, how the steam rises up in a characteristic spiral, and the fact that it smells different to every person. What type of potion is this?
    confusing concoction
    Felix Felicis
    pizza potion
    love potion
  • 5
    Harry and his friends thought that Tonks' patronus changed into a dog because she loved Sirius, but why did it really turn into a dog?
    it turned into a werewolf because she loved Greybeck
    it turned into a dog because she loved pizza
    it turned into a werewolf because she loved Lupin
    it turned into a dog because she loved dogs
  • 6
    On the front cover of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone there are five heads, one of which is a human. The other three are creatures. What are all of the heads?
    Harry, a dog, and the other 3 are pizzas
    Harry, a unicorn, and the other 3 are Fluffy's
    Harry, a unicorn, a centaur, and the other 2 are Fluffy's
    Harry, a centaur, and the other 3 are Fluffy's
  • 7
    We all know Harry's wand has a phoenix feather in the core, but what is the length & what's it made of?
    11 inches made of holly
    10 inches made of willow
    large made of pizza
    12 inches made of yew
  • 8
    We all know You-Know-Who's wand also has a phoenix core, but how long is it and what's it made of?
    12 and a quarter inches made of ebony
    13 inches made of holly
    13 and a half inches made of yew
    small made of pizza
  • 9
    What is Hogwart's headmaster's full name?
    Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
    Albus Percy Wallace Brandon Dumbledore
    Albus Percivul Wulfrick Brian Dumbledore
    Albus pizza Pizza PIZZA Dumbledoor
  • 10
    Name three of the for sure and possible horcruxes of Voldemort?
    Tom Riddle's Diary, Gaunt's ring, and Helga Hufflepuff's cup
    Voldemort's Diary, Gaunt's cup, and Dumbledore's ring
    Tom Riddle's Diary, Riddle's Ring, and Rovena Ravenclaw's cup
    cheese pizza, sausage pizza, and pepperoni pizza

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