Are you mean?

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Are you mean? Or nice? Or in-between?

  • 1
    A kitten is sitting on your lawn crying. You:
    Call the animal people to come get it out of your yard.
    Go outside and give it a bowl of water.
    Yell, "Shut up!" to it.
  • 2
    You are sitting in English class and you're bored. You:
    Throw spitballs at the kid in front of you.
    Try to pay attention.
  • 3
    You've been standing in line for a 20 minutes. When it's your turn somebody cuts in front of you. You:
    Give him a dirty look.
    Say, "Get out of my way! I haven't been standing here for fun you know."
    Let him cut. It doesn't matter who goes first.
  • 4
    What's your reputation?
    A good person over all.
  • 5
    Your sister won't leave you alone. She keeps calling you on her cell and you're busy. You:
    Don't answer your phone.
    Ask her to stop.
    Throw your phone out the window.
  • 6
    You're at the mall and a girl keeps staring at your little sister like she's weird. You:
    Go up and stare in her face.
    Roll your eyes and ignore it.
    Laugh. She's right.
  • 7
    You see a spider on your ceiling. You:
    Kill it.
    Get it with a tissue and put it outside.
    Scream for someone to get it.
  • 8
    A little girl comes up to you and asks you for a dollar. When you ask her why she says for no reason. You:
    Laugh and say, "Get a job, kid!"
    Happily give it to her. It's just a dollar and she'll probably buy a cookie or something dumb anyway.
    Tell her that you don't have one.
  • 9
    A little boy at your school is beating up your little brother all the time. You:
    Tell the little boy to stop or he'll be in trouble.
    Don't care. He's the one who broke your favorite c.d.
    Talk to his teacher.
  • 10
    There is only one ice cream bar left. Your sister is eyeing it. You:
    Let her have it.
    Cut it in half.
    Run for it and shove it in your mouth.
  • 11
    You see 5 bucks on the ground. You pick it up and:
    Put it in your pocket.
    See if it belongs to someone and if not you keep it.
    Turn it in.
  • 12
    You find a bracelet on the ground. You pick it up because it's cool. A girl comes up to you and asks if you've seen it. You:
    Hand it over and tell her where you found it.
    Say yeah but ask her more questions of what it looked like hoping that it's not the one you found.
    Say no.
  • 13
    You have a big test tomorrow. You:
    Crash in front of the t.v.
    Study hard for it.
    Look over it and then go watch t.v.
  • 14
    You and a kid are arguing and she hits you. You:
    Run away.
    Punch her.
    Break her jaw off! How dare she!
  • 15
    Last one, do you feel guilty after you've done something wrong?
    It has to be serious.
    Nah. Of course not.
    Yes. Most of the time anyway.

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