White communist ideology suits you best?

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    In which type of country does your revolution take place?
    Largely agricultural but economically dependant on some industry
    Predominantly agricultural
    Largely industrial but still economically dependant on some agriculture
    The whole world
    Predominantly Industrial
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    How do you get to power?
    How do you get to power?
    You lead a fight against an occupying force before having to fight nationalists of your own country. This includes a massive gathering of soldiers and a long march.
    You enlighten everyone that they can do something about the oppressive government/king/dictator and lead them against the government in a decisive attack, you then commence a civil war to rid the country of counter-revolutionaries
    The obvious merits of communism become apparent to the majority of people in the world and they come to you for support and advice so the whole world can become communist and peaceful.
    After a revolution you have all of your political opponents killed so you can take the power.
    You lead an exiled army against the imperialists who control your country and wage a small guerrilla army before gaining more support and beating the imperialists when you storm their barracks
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    How will your economy be structured?
    You will use 5 year plans and industrial leaps to get your industry into shape while creating collective farms to boost agricultural output. Massive building projects will be a feature of your regime. Later on, once you have been dead for a while, your countries economy will boom due to cheap production costs and the economy will become one of, if not the, strongest in the world
    The people will work in collective farms and factories to produce masses of produce while being paid a ‘fair’ wage and given housing. The industry is sped up by 5 year plans. You will not need to export or import because you can produce and mine everything you need.
    You realise that people will not want to work as hard as they could if they had incentives, so you begin a policy of buying produce from the factories and farms instead of just taking it and paying them a wage.
    Economy? What is an economy, we are just given what we need by the government and we work to support the government so they can give everyone what they need.
    You own the main industries but some of the smaller companies are privately owned, you sell much of your goods abroad and use your beautiful country as a source of income using tourism.
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    Will you develop a cult of personality?
    Yes, the people need something real to believe in rather than their stories of a man on a cross. Besides, if they see you as a god they would not dare try to work against you, and this will help the whole country to be unified.
    Through your excellent economical planning and a cultural revolution in which you cleansed the government and society of capitalists and counter-revolutionaries you are seen as a demi-god. Your book will sell more copies than the bible.
    You don’t want them to view you as a god because you are not, perhaps they could aspire to be more like you but you are nothing more special than any of them. However when you die you become one of the most revered communists in history.
    You claim a cult of personality is against the spirit of communism because it exalts the individual, but when you are killed you are seen as a great prophet of communism
    You want the people to think you are a hero, because you freed them from oppression, but the real hero of your revolution was one of your comrades in arms who continue the fight against imperialism and fascism abroad, is executed and becomes a martyr.
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    What is your policy when it comes to opposition?
    What is your policy when it comes to opposition?
    ‘No people, no problem.’
    There will be no opposition except for the bourgeois who will be crushed in the revolution
    Use the youth as a paramilitary group to rid the country of these ‘counter-revolutionaries’
    Blame the USA for sending agents, because they probably did, again.
    When party members oppose introduce a law on party unity.
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    Propaganda towards the outside world.
    There will be no outside world to impress as the whole world will be a massive communist paradise.
    Use the beauty of your island to make it appear like a paradise, produce some of the best cigars in the world.
    Train up athletes to win many prizes in the Olympics, hold massive military parades to show your power, win the space race.
    Die before you have a change to show your true worth.
    Train athletes to win many medals in the Olympics, create a massive set of dams to provide electricity for a large proportion of your country, and build a massive industrial economy out of nothing in 50 years.
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    How will your government be structured?
    You are at the top of the government but others control different aspects, such as the army and economy. There is a functioning politburo.
    You lead the revolution and head the government until the government is no longer needed as described in the Communist Manifesto
    You are supreme leader, in the early years you are at the forefront of the government but later on you take a backwards position while still keeping your authority.
    With you at the top and everyone else at the bottom, if anyone tries to rise above you they turn up dead somewhere. There is a puppet politburo.
    You begin as supreme leader however take a backwards step as a kind of retirement, however you notice a lot of corruption in the politburo and move back to the forefront and begin a kind of second revolution getting rid of bourgeois infiltrators in the politburo and country as a whole. The politburo will be functioning; however it will need to be monitored to stop corruption creeping in.
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    Will there be elections?
    I am leader and I choose who rules the country.
    There is no need for elections as there is no need for government in our paradice!
    Elections are not needed, I am supreme ruler. However there will be elections so the people think they have a choice.
    Well, there is only one party but the people get to choose which members are in power.
    The members of the parliment are elected and when I die the leader will be elected too.
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    Who is your idol?
    Lenin and Marx
    Karl Marx
    Stalin, Lenin and Marx
    Lenin. And myself.
    Marx and Lenin

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