Your sex type.

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This quiz lets you know which sexual category you fall into.

  • 1
    How many sexual partners have you had in your lifetime?
  • 2
    You walk into an adult store. Do you...
    RUN! Wrong address!
    Check out the lingerie and then leave without buying anything.
    Browse through the whole store and buy some lingerie.
    Stock up on condoms and lube!
    Spend several hours looking at everything and buy some new toys and lingerie, plus a couple of videos!
  • 3
    Where do you go to pick up sex partners?
    Singles get together.
    Anywhere and everywhere! I'm always on the prowl!
    Sex partners?
    Clubs, bars, etc...
    36th and Broadway...and don't go getting any ideas. That's MY turf!
  • 4
    How do you start a conversation with a potential sex partner?
    I don't know...that word.
    $300 for half an hour.
    Hey, sexy! You single?
    I'm horny, let's have sex!
  • 5
    You go to the grocery store. What do you buy?
    condoms, condoms, and more condoms
    strawberries and champagne
    honey and candles
    whipped cream and chocolate syrup
    cake mix and maxi pads
  • 6
    You are asked to star in a porno...what do you say?
    A what?
    Sure, sounds like fun!
    No thanks.
    Sure, but only if there's no plot. Story lines take away from the sex!
    How much will I be paid?
  • 7
    Your sibling's spouse is hinting that they want to have sex with you. What do you do?
    They were hinting?
    How much are they willing to pay me?
    Tell my sibling.
    Set up a secret rendezvous at an out of town hotel.
    Take them in your bed, their bed, and everywhere else you can think of!
  • 8
    What is you favorite bedroom phrase?
    Where's the lube?
    Oh yeah, harder, baby! *Moaning*
    I bought new sheets, honey!
    Hospital corners are easy to do!
    It's all about the Benjamins!
  • 9
    Which movie would you most want to see?
    Love is Forever
    How to Sell Yourself
    Sex, Sex, Baby!
    The Best of Martha Stewart
    Back Door Action +Bonus Footage
  • 10
    What are your favorite body parts?
    wallet, wallet, and purse
    G-spot, nipples, and asshole
    eyes, lips, and tongue
    breasts, ass, and pussy
    eyes, hair, and cheekbones