What category of "weird" do you fall under?

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Are you weird? or not?

  • 1
    Do you make animal noises when someone asks you a question? if so, what kind?
    Animal noises? Are you joking?
    Well, it depends on my mood.
    Oh yes! A dog! BARK BARK!
  • 2
    Do you have your war cry?
    war cry? why am I taking this quiz?
    when I feel like it. Today, tomorrow, next week...whenever.
  • 3
    Do you sing your own theme music while walking into a room?
    you bet
  • 4
    Do you start dancing while someone is talking to you?
    I start off on a waltz and end in salsa! CHA CHA!
    Only if there is a full moon out.
  • 5
    Do you enjoy dressing up as your favorite cartoon character? Such as anime?
    I might if it's during Halloween and everyone else has costumes on.
    uhhh.....what the heck? I wouldn't be caught dead! Besides, I don't watch cartoons...
    I like to dress up as Inuyasha! or sometimes Sephiroth!
  • 6
    Do you take your own blackmail pictures and show them to people? (making ugly faces, doing strange things)
    Sometimes I might make a weird face, but only if everyone else is. Besides, I wouldn't give them out to people if they are weird.
    I do it all of the time! Especially with my sister!
    I always want to look my best in the pictures I take!
  • 7
    Did you ever run around on all fours like a dog and bite people's ankles?
    ewww! NEVER!
    ahahaha.....okay I admit I did for only a little while.
  • 8
    When do you get all of your energy? During the day, evening, or night when the moon is out?
    evening. It's after school and I can do whatever I want!
    Day, doesn't everybody?
    At night! The full moon is out....muahahahahaha! *backs away into the shadows*
  • 9
    Like Napoleon Dynamite, do you tie actions figures with string and throw them out the school bus window?
    Only when no one is watching....
    I don't own an action figure, I don't take the bus, and I would never do such a stupid thing!
    My friends and I do it all of the time! We threw batman out the window only yesterday!
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz? Did you really think you're weird?
    Why did I take this quiz.....I'm so not weird!
    I know I'm weird. end of story...
    I felt like it....the title was catchy....besides....I can be weird if I'm in the mood.

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