What Type of Video Game Character are You?

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All games have character types. Fighters, Magic Users, Speedy, and the Jack of all Trades, etc. etc.....Wonder where you'd fall? Then equip your level 48 Dragon Mail and head in....

  • 1
    How fast do you like to keep your pace whilst trekking through the jungle/desert/anywhere your going?
    A brisk walk, maybe with a book in hand.
    Meh, just a normal walk or jog.
    A strong, even, strong, quick, and strong pace. Did I mention strong? Strong is what's good
  • 2
    You encounter a horde of monsters! What do you do?
    Rain down the Lightning of Judgment on their pitiful skulls for getting in my way.
    Use some magic, then finish them off with my sword....average style.
    Run right through them to the other side! I'm too fast! They can't see this! Why fight?
    Rush in and SMASH, SMASH, SMASH!
  • 3
    You set up camp for the night. How are your sleeping arrangements?
    Outside? I'm so fast I'm at a town already. I'm set up at the Inn
    No tent, I sleep on the ground! It makes you stronger! Bedding is for weaklings!
    Average tent, average bedding, maybe a few frills here and there...nothing special.
    A huge elaborate tent that you conjured out of thin air. You're just that awesomely magical.
  • 4
    Still at camp, how's the food?
    Some Inn food that I ate speedily because I do everything all speedy like.
    Went out and caught it myself. Tastes better hand killed and cooked.
    Some salted pork and biscuits taken from the ol' pack and cooked over an open flame.
    Amazingly elegant meal. Yea, you're still just that magically awesome.
  • 5
    It's morning. How do you pack up your things?
    Heft up the gigantic sword and begin on my way. I'm just that strong.
    Snap your fingers, everything disappears, open the book, and start up a brisk walk. Darn you and your magical prowess.
    Run out without paying the bill.
    Pack everything up, put on the pack, and head out. Average-like.
  • 6
    After a bout with a vicious Cerebus, you're hurt quite bad. How do you take care of it?
    Keep going, it doesn't hurt that bad.
    Hurt? I didn't even fight the guy, I ran away. I'm just fast like that.
    Spells. Lots and lots of spells.
    Stop, sit down, and heal up with some potions from the ever handy pack.
  • 7
    The love of your video game life is being held captive by a gigantic Cyclops in a even bigger cave. What do you do?
    Run around him in circles until he falls over and then rush in and grab the girl and RUN!
    Put the buffoon to sleep with an excellently timed spell and whisk the girl away before he wakes up.
    Reason the dim witted monster into giving her back. Smooth man, real smooth....seriously.
  • 8
    Just how smart are you?
    Average, but I think really fast.
    Complete genius. I know everything. Even what you're thinking right now.
    What's this question asking? What is smart?
    Maybe a little smarter than the average Joe, but not the smartest around.
  • 9
    How strong are you?
    Average, legs are stronger than most of them though.
    Ha, I don't need strength! Mind rules all!
    I can break boulders, move mountains, lift a very heavy sword, kill you with one finger.....
    Not the strongest guy in the world, but definitely not the weakest.
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    Last question! Do you have a pet?
    Yea! A huge mountain cat that can rip you in half if you make him mad.

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