Jingle Face

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This is a quiz about the hit movie, Jingle Face.

  • 1
    What does Hamburger Guy give to whoever guesses the secret ingredient in his hamburgers?
    He tells them a joke
    He takes them behind the scenes to see how hamburgers are made
    He dances for them
    He gives them one free hamburger
    He gives them a muffin
  • 2
    What did Squiggly Bob want for Christmas?
    His own railroad company
    A new car
    A brand new hat
    A basket of huckleberries
    A notepad
  • 3
    What snack did Friendly give the family at their re-uinion just before Christmas?
  • 4
    Which weasel discovers that they're one-eighth dog?
    Sneaky's Dad
    First Mate Sam
  • 5
    What did Jerk do with his million dollies?
    Set up movement-activated explosives all over Los Angeles
    Paid a thief 500, 000 dollies to steal the other 500, 000 dollies from him
    Bought a farm
    Bought a blimp
    Bought a lovable kitten
  • 6
    According to Chicken, why couldn't Freddy come to Bu's house?
    Something about a murderous delight
    Something about a happy breakfast
    Something about a Christmas meditation
    Something about a dinner with vandals
    Something about a family onion
  • 7
    Which member of the Adventure Squadron happens to be a professional box-lifter?
    Mr. Interruptions
    Thanks Guys
    Australian Guy
    Crazy Chinese Man
  • 8
    How did Chicken's Mom, Chicken's Dad and Friendly wind up freeing Laagosse from her light bulb?
    Chicken's Mom scratched it with her claws
    They ate it open
    They didn't
    Friendly planted a ray in the ground, which blew up the light bulb
    They collected the swords of the ninety greatest pirates of all time
  • 9
    Why did Quiet briefly stop guarding the keg of Christmas-flavoured toilet juice, allowing Nostrils to steal it?
    He had to go find Bu because he forgot what he was supposed to guard
    He had to go blow up Japan
    He had to participate in a quick hot air balloon race around the world
    He saw a banana and decided to eat it
    He had to watch the entire James Bond movie series
  • 10
    Which favourite celebrity of theirs were Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones amazed to see at a Christmas party?
    Sunglasses Joe
    Pro Ducer
    Pro Gluser
    Captain Regnifyekcus
    Ugly Scottish Bullfrog
  • 11
    Who chopped down the town's enormous Christmas tree, thus stealing Christmas?
    Dr. Suckeyfinger
    Snot Bottle
    Anal Breath
  • 12
    What DIDN'T Dr. Suckeyfinger mockingly call Freddy?
    The Denny's of evil
    The President's Choice of evil
    The Mexico of evil
    The Squiggly Joe of evil
    The Canadian Idol of evil
  • 13
    How old was Sunglasses Joe when he asked for a mouse for breakfast?
  • 14
    When was the last time that Getting Older ate something better than poo hamburgers?
    A million years ago
    A week ago
    A billion years ago
    A trillion years ago
  • 15
    Why did Johnny, Chicken and Freddy go to Dr. Suckeyfinger's hideout?
    Johnny had left his stamp collection there
    Freddy wanted to show daddy a coffee mug he had filled with his eye liquid
    They were looking for urchins
    Chicken wanted Wheezy's autograph
    They were inspecting for plots
  • 16
    How did Chicken and Freddy get the sack of presents to fall down?
    They bribed it to come down
    They told it to come down
    They threw feathers at it for a week
    They got Legolas to shoot it with an arrow
    Freddy fired a fart at it
  • 17
    Who made a speech to the town after the Christmas presents were all stolen?
    Pro Ducer
  • 18
    What did Sneaky's Dad want for Christmas?
    The heads of every 17-year-old in Spain
    A bone
    A nurse outfit
    A little Spanish flea
    The "No Vay, Man" CD
  • 19
    What did Johnny get Paul for Christmas?
    A picture of the Glarge
    A corpse
    A wolf
    An autographed bow from Legolas
    A box of crayons
  • 20
    The frog that Freddy ate was supposed to be a Christmas present for who?
    Chicken's Mom
    Mr. Hiss
    Ugly Scottish Bullfrog
  • 21
    Whose x-ray vision did Johnny rely on to see if his lottery tickets were winners?
    Sunglasses Joe's
  • 22
    What was Pro Gluser doing before Pro Ducer called him to tell him what he wanted for Christmas?
    Finding a cure for cancer
    Hunting beavers for charity
    Fighting the Joker to save Gotham City
    Running the 100-metre marathon
    Fighting Jack Nicholson to save Hollywood
  • 23
    What did Jack pretend to be for Bu?
    A clank
    A clonk
    A clunk
    A caboodle
    A clink
  • 24
    What two colours did Johnny, Chicken and Freddy make their Twister game consist of?
    Pink and blue
    Black and red
    Red and white
    Pink and purple
    Blue and black
  • 25
    How did Australian Guy get a million dollar bill?
    He lifted a box to free Mr. Hiss and Tom
    He helped Cooly find a wedding ring for Jenny
    He found it under a rock
    He stole it from Getting Older
    It floated into his hand from above
  • 26
    Who got the last notepad available at Jack's Jacked Goods?
    Dr. Jones
    Dr. Smith
  • 27
    Who won the lucky clothesline lottery?
    Hamburger Guy
  • 28
    Who gave Nerdy a Star Trek rock polisher for Christmas?
    Thanks Guys
    Mr. Interruptions
  • 29
    According to Trat, Christmas is about family, friends and what?
    Small, rabbit-like creatures
    African Violets
    Freeing people from light bulbs
    Secret paw-shakes
    Ellen DeGeneres
  • 30
    What book did Weasel's Dad get for the other weasels for Christmas?
    Plundering the Seven Seas for Doggies
    The Book of Great Places to Run Into High School Friends you don't Remember
    The Picture Book of the Swords of the Ninety Greatest Pirates of All Time
    The Book that only Ugly People Like
    How to buy a Better Christmas Present than this Book Next Year

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