Who is your Inuyasha dream guy?

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Hey, have you always wanted to find your perfect Inuyasha match (if you're a girl)? Well, just sit back and take the quiz. Maybe, you'll find that the type of guy you like now may not be the type you are really made for...

  • 1
    His best feature is...
    His "I don't give a damn" attitude.
    Those cute brown eyes(I could just melt in them)!
    His cute little ears!
    His purity(or his supposed purity)(?)
    His stupid baboon costume...
  • 2
    He loves everyone. Choose the best answer to this statement...
    He hates everyone.
    Well, he has his moments.
    Are you kidding me!
    Of course.
    Hell no!
  • 3
    He fights with...
    his claws, and a wimpy sword.
    a wind tunnel and a staff.
    tree roots.
    his legs.
    a big ass sword!
  • 4
    His personality is...
    loving and feisty at the same time.
    calm and collected, unless you attack him.
  • 5
    He is a...
    half demon
    white haired full fledge demon
    black haired full fledge demon
    brown haired full fledge demon
  • 6
    He takes you on a date, what does he do when he takes you home?
    sweetly kisses you and says good night.
    ask to come in.
    runs away, he can't wait to get away from you!
    asks you to help him take over the world!
  • 7
    You find him in the woods, he...
    smiles evilly and kidnaps you.
    says nothing, does nothing.
    says what the hell are you doing here!
    tries to cop a fell....that freaking pervert.
    says hi and greets you properly.
  • 8
    You see him with another woman, she is...
  • 9
    If he was annoyed and you tried to cheer him up, he would...
    get angry.
    all of the above.
    say nothing, do nothing.
    attack me.
    be happy that I thought of him.
  • 10
    If he was attacked, how would he respond?
    yells at you to run, kisses you. He knows he's going to die.
    he would pull out his sword and start hacking away at people.
    walk away as he waited for someone to attack so he could go all whoop-ass on them!
    grab you and run, he's not prepared for this!
    sic some demons on them.

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