Which Inuyasha character are you?

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Hey, it's me, Erin, again. This is another exciting Inuyasha quiz by me. Note: I only make Anime quizzes.(Evangelion, Vandread, SAC: GITS, Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Street Fighter 2, Fullmetal Alchemist, FLCL, S-Cry-ed, Paranoia Agent, etc.)

  • 1
    If you are attacked, what is your first reaction?
    wait for the group, they'll be here soon enough...I hope!
    hurry up Inuyasha...
    show no mercy.
    how dare you attack me, do you know who I am!
  • 2
    Your one true love is...
    a half demon.
    a hot demon slayer.
    love...I wish I knew what that meant now.
    a monk.
    I'm not sure who to love, they're both so beautiful.
  • 3
    Choose your color.
  • 4
    Naraku's being annoying today, what do you do?
    Inuyasha, sic 'em boy!
    I'm too busy trying to deal with my own problems to worry about that fool Naraku.
    ...Kohaku, I will avenge you! *then attack*
    attack, what else is there to do?
    fight 'til the death, I'll have my revenge!
  • 5
    Pick your eye color.
    who cares...I'm too busy making all hell break loose to care!
    yellowish brownish.
    how foolish...eye color...!
    sparkly blue!
  • 6
    Almost done!
    you're stupid!
    What the....
  • 7
    The worst part of the day is when...
    I'm not making all hell break loose!
    people won't leave me alone!
    I'm not with him...
    I'm around beautiful women.
    all parts of the day are awesome!
  • 8
    The weirdest thing about you is...
    my prosthetic body.
    the big hole in my hand.
    that I'm a reincarnated priestess.
  • 9
    You're best feature is...
    nothing. I'm messed up.
    my wits.
    my strength.
    everything, I'm hot!
    my ears.
  • 10
    Last question!
    Just give me the damn results already!
    okay! Give me the results!
    ...dumb ass!
    ...all right then...

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