20th Century History Part 1

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This Quiz is full of random questions about people and events from or about the 20th Century. Test your knowledge!

  • 1
    What was the year of the Kent State University Riots?
  • 2
    Who was the President who pardoned Nixon?
    Gerald Ford
    Lyndon Johnson
    Jimmy Carter
  • 3
    Who was the famous economist who wrote the Treatise on Probability?
    John Maynard Keynes
    Charles Dawes
    Dave Ramsey
  • 4
    Who was President during the onset of the Great Depression?
    Calvin Coolidge
    Herbert Hoover
    Franklin Roosevelt
  • 5
    Who was the Cambodian leader responsible for killing approximately 2 million civilians?
    Ho Chi Minh
    Kim Il-Sung
    Pol Pot
  • 6
    In what year did America celebrate its first Earth Day?
  • 7
    The only president to ever resign was?
    Richard Nixon
    Herbert Hoover
    Woodrow Wilson
  • 8
    Body of water in which 2 US destroyers were allegedly attacked by North Vietnam in 1964
    Pacific Ocean
    Atlantic Ocean
    Gulf of Tonkin
  • 9
    How did Hitler die?
    Natural death
  • 10
    The nuclear accident in Russia was
    Stalin Nuclear Plant
  • 11
    The president who introduced the 14 Points address leading to the winning of the Nobel Peace Prize?
    Ronald Reagan
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Woodrow Wilson
  • 12
    The country in which Desert Storm was fought?
    Saudi Arabia
  • 13
    The President who took over after Harding's death?
    Lyndon Johnson
    Herbert Hoover
    Calvin Coolidge
  • 14
    Ronald Reagan's vice president
    Jimmy Carter
    George H. W. Bush
    Richard Nixon
  • 15
    Another name for the National Labor Relations Act
    Dawes Act
    Wagner Act
    Worker's Rights Act
  • 16
    What was the 18th Amendment?
    Black Rights
    Woman's Right to Vote
  • 17
    President during the Persian Gulf War
    Bill Clinton
    George H. W. Bush
    Ronald Reagan
  • 18
    Russian dictator in WWII
  • 19
    VE Day
    June 11, 1945
    May 8, 1945
    July 12, 1946
  • 20
    June 24, 1944
    June 6, 1944
    June 11, 1944
  • 21
    A Buddhist monk protesting Diem's regime killed himself by
    Hanging himself
    Setting himself on fire
    Shooting himself
  • 22
    The president who served 4 terms
    Franklin Roosevelt
    Ronald Reagan
    John Kennedy
  • 23
    The year in which the Social Security Act was passed
  • 24
    The country Nixon secretly bombed
  • 25
    President who negotiated the development of NATO
    George H. W. Bush
    Jimmy Carter
    Ronald Reagan
  • 26
    Year of the cease fire in Vietnam
  • 27
    British geneticist who discovered DNA fingerprinting
    Bob Jones
    Alec Jeffries
    Mark Stuart
  • 28
    Event triggering US involvement in WWII
    Battle for the Atlantic
    World Trade Towers bombing
    Pearl Harbor
  • 29
    President during the Korean War
    Lyndon Johnson
    Harry Truman
    Richard Nixon
  • 30
    Vietnam's official name after 1976
    Republic of Vietnam
    Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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gene ( 0.155 )
Posted 8 days ago
question 12 desert storm was fought in both kuwait and iraq.
question 25 nato was formed in the 1940's si the correct answer would have been Harry S Truman.
Tom ( 85.85 )
Posted 262 days ago
Desert Storm was fought in Iraq and Kuwait with ground battles in Saudi Arabia. All three could be correct.
President Roosevelt did not serve 4 full terms, he was elected 4 times but didn't make it through his 4th term.