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A quiz about the fictional characters of Dean, Sam and John Winchester from the show Supernatural

  • 1
    How old was Sam the day his mother died?
    6 months and 6 days
    8 months, 22 days
    4 months, 17 days
    6 months
    1 year
  • 2
    Where did the family Winchester live when the Demon killed Dean and Sam's mum?
    Salvation, Iowa
    Lawrence, Kansas
    Blue Earth, Minnesota
    Jericho, Oklahoma
    Toledo, Ohio
  • 3
    Who directed episode no. 1x06, Skin?
    Robert Singer
    Robert Duncan McNeil
    Erik Kripke
    Kim Manners
  • 4
    What Mythology is Dean's necklace from?
  • 5
    Which state are both main actors, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from?
    New York
  • 6
    What is Sam's ability?
    He can orb to different places
    He can do astral projections
    He has visions about future events
    He can read minds
    He can fly
  • 7
    What is Dean scared of?
    Running out of rock salt
    John Winchester
    Sam Winchester
  • 8
    Explain Missouri
    It's Sam's favorite book
    The place John was born
    It's a state in USA
    She's an ex-girlfriend of Dean
    She's a fortune teller
  • 9
    What's underneath Dean's pillow?
    Rock salt
    A picture of the family Winchester
    A shotgun
    The keys to the Impala
    A knife
  • 10
    Why did Sam not go to California with Meg but turned around and went looking for Dean?
    He realised that Meg was a Demon
    He got scared to be on his own
    He was worried as Dean didn't pick up his phone
    He forgot to give Dean his spare key to the Impala
    He missed Dean

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