Automated Manufacturing Systems 1

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  • 1
    Analog to digital conversion is commonly used because:
    Many sensors are analog
    This boost the signal
    Almost all sensors are digital
    Few computers are digital
  • 2
    The advantages of semi-automation, with both people and machines involved in the manufacturing process, are the:
    Use of the greater flexibility and ingenuity of people
    Maintenance times available
    Reduced cost of expensive machines
  • 3
    A block diagram is sued to illustrate the:
    Damping used in the system design
    Cost of system components
    Relationships between system components
    Program in the microprocessor
  • 4
    The name of the sensor used to measure applied pressure is:
    Ventri tube
    Strain gauge
  • 5
    The optimum system response to feedback is referred to as:
    A discrete system
    Critically damped
    A continuous system
  • 6
    An actuator commonly used to act as a type of switch would be a:
    Stepper motor
  • 7
    When discussing automated manufacturing systems, the term "noise" would refer to:
    High frequency electrical signals
    Unwanted electrical signals
    A machine that is most likely faulty
    A loud machine
  • 8
    The three basic types of automated manufacturing systems are:
    Batch, prototype and discrete
    Electronic, mechanical and pneumatic
    Batch, continuous and discrete
    Manual, electronic and microprocessor
  • 9
    The most suitable sensor for detecting a sudden change of motion is:
    An accelerator
    A relay
    A magnetic transducer
    A linear potentiometer
  • 10
    Computer aided manufacturing is used so much these days because:
    Human workers cause a lot of problems with sickness and stoppages
    Machines never make mistakes like human workers do
    Data from the design stage can be integrated using the software
    This process is much less expensive to set up in the first place