What kind of Greek God or Goddess are YOU?

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Exactly what the Title says...

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    If you were given a pair of waxen wings...what would you do with them?
    strap them on and fly sky high towards the sun
    Wonder how the heck to use the blasted thing...
    wonder where all the wax came from
    eat them
  • 2
    What's your favorite hobby?
    Is a favorite hobby something you can eat?
    Shooting love arrows at couples....watch your back....
    hurling lightening bolts like an insane barbaric fiend
    collecting the dead...hey someone's got to do it
  • 3
    What would be the best way for you to die?
    I don't want to die! MOMMY!
    Get shot with a poisoned spear, then have your corpse dragged around a city by a chariot...
    I don't die...I'M IMMORTAL!
    Getting shot in the heel with an arrow
  • 4
    What's your IDEAL pet?
    A humpback whale....they can sing! (but not dance)
    A big eyed owl!
    Cerberus....three loyal dogs are better than 1.
    a goldfish
  • 5
    If you were given Pandora's box, what would you do with it?
    Open it to see a pretty, twirling, ballerina...I hope there's music too.
    Burn it, bury it, smash it.....and then destroy it....who knows...it might be cursed.
    Open it...why not?
    Well, I don't need the beauty locked away inside since I'm already beautiful....so no, I wouldn't open it.
  • 6
    How would you want to meet your love?
    Who cares, everyone either dies or never gets to be together at the end anyways....
    Being crazily chased then turned into a tree.
    Get sucked in the ground by a corpse looking man driving a firey chariot.
    After carving them out of marble.
  • 7
    What kind of power would you like to have?
    To be the most profoundly hideous being on earth!
    A King of all Gods and Goddess! AHA!
    to talk to sea animals
    To make people fall in love
  • 8
    You find out that your significant other has been fooling around for years....what's your reaction?
    Give them my poisoned drinks and turn them into animals! Ugly animals....AHA!
    just kill them....it's quick, easy, and less brain power.
    turn them into stone, stick them in my garden, and let the birds poo on them.
    cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
  • 9
    What's your favorite vacation spot?
    Underworld...hey were all going there anyway, it's free and all you have to do is sell your soul!
    Underneath the golden apple tree
    Mount Olympis
    The river Styx, it's cheap, easy, but only has a one way ticket.
  • 10
    Last one:
    If you were favored by all the gods and goddess, how would you react?
    Terrified! They'd have me do dangerous quests!
    scream with joy like a little giddy school girl
    YAY! Free ambrosia...food of the gods!
    I'm atheist, who cares...

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Isabelle ( 8.181 )
Posted 121 days ago
This is a stupid [BEEP] quiz that gave me a bad [BEEP] result. It gave me a male result instead of a female one. Whoever the author is I hope you rot in hell because I am not even Grecian, I am a christian