Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 6 Manga Quiz

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Do you like to read the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series? If so, take this little quiz and find out how well you paid attention.

  • 1
    What is wrong on the second panel from the last one on page 165?
    The general's eyes aren't filled in
    The general's hair looks different than in previous panels
    The top of the general's uniform is screwed up
    The general has two right hands
  • 2
    On page 179, the middle panel on the left is a picture of two cats. What color are the cats? (in order)
    1.Calico-colored 2.White
    1.White 2.Black
    1.White spotted with black 2.Black
    1.Black 2.White spotted with black
  • 3
    On page 168, 2nd Lieutenant Breda says that Shogi comes from an island country in the east. What country is he referring to?
    North Korea
    South Korea
  • 4
    What are some of the main differences between shogi and chess?
    None of the above
    Shogi is played using a 9x9 board
    Chess uses only 16 pieces
    All of the above (not including "None of the above")
  • 5
    While seeing the "truth", what did Ed say right before he saw an image of his mom?
    Please sto...
    Somebody help me!
    I'm going to die!
    What's happening to me?
  • 6
    What is the first thing that the "truth" referred to himself as?
    "The universe"
    "The world"
  • 7
    On page 48, how did Mason get onto the boat that Izumi and everybody else was in?
    He didn't get onto it, he left when nobody was near the island
    He didn't get onto it, because he had his own boat hidden deep in the forest
    He swam until he caught up with it
    He ran across the water
  • 8
    On the page with the characters in the very beginning of the manga, what does the introduction refer to human transmutation as?
    Human transmutation
    A forbidden alchemical ritual
    An alchemical ritual
    A dangerous ritual
  • 9
    What's wrong with some of the bottom pictures on page 53?
    Winry kind of looks like a chibi
    Part of Havoc's picture is going into Hughes's picture
    It only shows Pinako's hair
    Hughes has a halo over his head
  • 10
    What is the interrupting sound effect on the page that shows the full size of the Gate with Ed in front of it?

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