Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says that she isn't interested and another quiz says that she is totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends that are girls, I have four sisters, and thirteen girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get a more accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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Answers need simplifing (14713)
23 hours ago
This test is mostly great, however, with some of the questions the answers that were provided were not exactly accurate. Maybe more basic answers would be better. Or a sale of 1-10 type of thing.
Random (85132)
Her name is Addison. We like almost the same things. She is really nice and really cute. We talk all the time at school. We do t have each other #. I really like but I don’t know how or when to say it. I need help. Comment plz.
Creeped out (58568)
3 days ago
Why are there so many girls taking this test and leaving comments? Creepy.
Ryan (22862)
5 days ago
Test says she likes me. Now if only she had time outside of school we could talk more. or if i had time... Any advice for middle school dating?
A gul (09755)
5 days ago
So apparently I dont like him
“Trust me ik a lot about girls”
Curious (51408)
7 days ago
So I'm just very curious to see if this dude likes me. I'm a girl, obviously, and I came here to see what to do to give him a hint I like him. I've only told one person,yesterday, which was after a month of holding it in. If anyone wants to help me, plz reply to me.
Feeling down (70734)
8 days ago
I’m a girl, okay? She’s straight and we talk on hangouts all the time but hardly irl I mean I’ll say hi to her sometimes but not really even tho I really want to. She’s dated a couple of guys before even though I haven’t dated anyone before. She has a crush on a guy right now, and a huge celebrity crush. I once asked her to be my gf in a kind of joke but she rejected me right away. She usually just laughs about the kind of stuff I say. I always end up saying something 💗 and awkward whenever she talks to me. She sometimes says song lyrics to me and I don’t recognize the song so I think she is saying them as words to me and I’m so overjoyed when it’s romantic and then I overreact and it turns out horribly. I can’t go one second without thinking about her and it hurts so much to know she will never like me back. Im gonna buy her something really expensive for Christmas and probably won’t even get anything in exchange. The worst thing about it is the thing I’m buying for her that she wants is the person she wants to be her husband. Ergo celebrity crush
Greg Robertson (42759)
8 days ago
Oh man. I've actually lost SLEEP (and later in the year had a dream that she wanted nothing to do with me)! Your test says I have a chance with her and while I'm just sitting here, on the inside I'm throwing a party. Thing is, some of the questions you had didn't have options that fit my situation. I forgot what questions they were, but in them, I tried to put in the option that seemed closest to my situation. So my results might be inaccurate.
Just me (88656)
9 days ago
Well I just need to talk to the chic I like and get to know her then I will ask her out
Unknown (79494)
11 days ago
So guys there is this girl I like she’s pretty,smart, and nice and I find her amazing. I never felt this feeling before. Anyways we’re in the same table group in my 4th period English and 3 every day. She is amazing and whenever I make a joke she’s always the first to laugh. I caught her glance at me couple of times. So do you guys think she likes me and what advise do you guys have on getting her? By the way she has been rumored to like someone else and does like when people invade her personal space. Also we have a couple of jokes between us.
Unknown (79494)
11 days ago
What does for 36% you are mean?
Sorry (40425)
13 days ago
Sorry girl,but I think he's just a player.
Girl 😊 (27138)
13 days ago
So my crush was dating a girl and they broke up and the next week he had to sit by me in class again and he looked happy. He started making me laugh and making funny jokes. Then he started to try to get close to my hand. Then we had to choose a partner for math and my friend said that if I could go with her so I did and then my crush had to go with his friends. He started to try to get my attention and started saying out loud " I'm single" and looked at me he was not afraid to do that because he is the funny kid in math class. Then we had to go back and said it again and then looked at me. So boys, do you think he likes me back.
... (64667)
17 days ago
Apparently she seems like a nice girl- gee thanks like I didn’t know that
Girl (86100)
17 days ago
Ughh so apparently I don’t like him?!?!?Ughh so apparently I don’t like him?!?!?
... (83895)
18 days ago
This is so neat!I’m just really afraid to ask her but I help her a lot with her stuff in between classes. (Especially after my frenemy stalked her friends and heard she likes me)
PlatinumGam3s (03050)
19 days ago
I don't have an IM. Don't need one either. (I want one)
ebbs (22018)
19 days ago
My crush flirts with me excessively
Weirdest girl on earth (06874)
20 days ago
So i supposedly put him in the friend zone so fml
Hannah (47794)
20 days ago

so apperently, i don't like my crush...