Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says that she isn't interested and another quiz says that she is totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends that are girls, I have four sisters, and thirteen girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get a more accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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Fact no Experience (93808)
9 days ago

"Man From Tokyo Road", would you like advice? I like helpings people, and I would love to help you out.

Oh, and I only had 3 crushes, so not much experience right now, but I have FACTS!
Sensible 16 y/o (05098)
9 days ago
Also, “man from Tokyo Road”, you give me major creeper vibes... what’s something about you that you think she needs to exist in this world? You’re not doing her a favor; quite the contrary actually, she’d be doing YOU a favor, because you seem to act like your existence and worth depend on her affections. Get yourself some friends, get yourself a hobby, and learn to properly evaluate what’s important in life.
Sensible 16 y/o (05098)
9 days ago
Well first, it’s pretty sad to see all the weirdos here who profess love to people who probably don’t know you very well. Second, 4th grader, your hormones are probably just starting to kick in; you don’t know what love is yet, hun, give it time. Third, people here don’t think to be ACTUAL FRIENDS with people that they like. Not the kind of friend who thinks the person owes them a romantic relationship because they gave them basic acts of human decency, but a REAL FRIEND. You know, create a deeper human connection than the physical...
The man from Tokyo Road (30571)
10 days ago
Oh Come on! Eh. I guess I haven’t been the most outgoing/extroverted person. What can I say? Whenever I’m around her, I get nervous, and my body (including my vocal chords, usually) shut down, because I’m afraid I’m gonna say something stupid that will get me kicked to the road. I want to tell her that she doesn’t need earrings to look beautiful. Or that she’ll never have trouble getting a boyfriend. But I’m at best chiming in on her conversations- not eavesdroppings.- every other day at school I sit almost directly across from her. At worst, I shoot out a few winks. My best shot at winning her heart is the carnation I bought for her. It’s not fair for her or me if we’re not gonna get things going (in regards to potential relationship). For her, she’ll be stuck with someone who doesn’t care half as much about her as I do. For me, the girl that I dedicated my heart to will go into the world without me. 💔😢😪 Another Valentine’s Day come and gone. Another reason to not like it. Probably. No offense to any girls who commented, or otherwise, but you can be worse than my perverted fellow men in some aspects. They just talk, and (to my knowledge) don’t act. If they act, that tips the scales. You’re the same way, except you keep us worried, nervous, excited. And thinking left is right.
Person in your Physics Class in TGS (84741)
10 days ago
If you're here, I love you Claudia!
Jade (24646)
11 days ago
4th grade. #i am a girl. I like a boy named Mac but really I’m in 4th grade but seriously I’m in love I knew him since I was in 7. Have any of you ever liked someone that is 10?
bob (70219)
11 days ago
i dont know if she likes me:(
Me (35098)
11 days ago
I like Maddy but I don't know whether she likes me back. I got 36% she can't decide?
Rimiru (51878)
11 days ago
32%? Am I that obscure? I think i almost love him 😂
someone (03666)
12 days ago
I like you Abby Gallagher
someone from burbank ms (65962)
13 days ago
i like you Abigail nuñez
Someone from starkville academy (50877)
13 days ago
I love Mia Kate c. And I have for a while but I’m only in 8th grade so who cares about me . I am not attractive and you are so it sucks
The man from Tokyo Road (33636)
15 days ago
So nothing has changed in time for Valentine’s Day. 🙁
In your 7/8th grade class (69172)
15 days ago
I like u Hannah Pope - 8th grade boys
Kimani H. (68853)
16 days ago
" She doesn't not like you though"
Was this a typo??
Guest (45892)
18 days ago
I love you Shreya. But you are dating someone else. Not fair. I go to your school
Jeffrey Bonilla (77953)
19 days ago
OMG THIS TOTALLY IS ACCURATE i took this test for girl in my college class and now we are married this is the BEST QUIZ EVA
.-. (09518)
21 days ago
IM is instant message.
.-. (09518)
21 days ago
This had mixed results. I got like 28% yes, 28% as a friend, and 28% can't decide. The second one is correct. She's aromantic, so I never had a chance of being anything more than that.
.. (51751)
21 days ago
I like this girl so much but i barley know her and i need some help