Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says that she isn't interested and another quiz says that she is totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends that are girls, I have four sisters, and thirteen girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get a more accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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Maria Sambrana (53959)
24 days ago
So I'm actually a girl who likes this guy, and I want to know if the guy knows I like him or not. So if they ask about who HER is I put what I do
Gayyyy (96677)
24 days ago
According to the test she does but we’re actually just best friends. Even if I like her as much as I do, I already know she likes someone else, a guy. Ugh why did I have to fall for a straight girl. #lesbianproblems
B-Rick the Stoneguy (11001)
25 days ago
*sigh* i cant believe im doing this... hi! im Rick. i am extremely intelligent and i am Psychopathic, no i dont want to kill anyone, to get that out of sight. i have no empathy and that is a really big problem because i really like this girl... but i dont know if she likes me back!
her name is Sara, i know her about 3 months or so... we have spend much time together in a group so we know each other a little bit, she is more the popular girl and im more of the nerd, but not the weird ugly kind, more of the half-goodlooking supernice but kinda arrogant for saying stuff like this kind. so- Sara and i were Eating Pizza at Dominos the other day and we had a good time, played a game on her phone, had a good conversation etc- she even invited me to the cinima! she wanted to pay for me because i payed for the Pizza, but i payed for myself so she could get her x-size Coka cola. Sometimes we have this weird moment where you see each other after like a week of silence and then i dont know how to talk, im pretty sure i like her because she is mostly my reason to get up every morning... i dont know if i should tell her... or if i should just let her make the move if she likes me... oh yes, she even is extremely mad to anyone who harms me, that could be some joke, but i thought it might help understanding a bit more
does she like me?

-Rick who said his name on the beginning of the note and just said his name because he wanted to point out that my name sounds like Rock or Brick

PS:im a little bit weird sometimes too...

PSS: even tho im a nerd, im the good looking out of our group and im the one that every girl in our group talks to (if thats something important)
25 days ago
Hey guys. Just wanted to shout out to my LOVE ,


Just remember you will always be in my heart.
Oliver (53951)
25 days ago
Heyy ppl. I like this girl her name is Mia and she is super nice and kind and all, but she doesn't really hangout with me. Even once I invited her to my birthday party, and she did come! I used to like a girl named Jessica, and now I like Mia. I have a very complicated love life.



Fact no Experience (93808)
25 days ago
Ceasar: She is torn between Sebastian and you. Does she still like both of you? Does she only flirt with him, or you too? If she only flirts with him but not you, she probably lost interest in you. Did you show that you are interested in her? If you haven't, she might have thought you had no interest in her and moved on.

If you want more info, please provide me more information and if you want, your age/grade.
AUGH (62448)
25 days ago
I've got the worst crush on this girl and it's driving me crazy. GIRL I LOVE YOU!! #straightgirlcrushproblems
Fact no Experience (93808)
25 days ago
Hi Kssac,
I wasn't able to comment on the other test for some reason.
I have no idea what she is doing. It's weird, her touching you and not liking you. Provide me more info, please.
Ceasar (34576)
25 days ago
I'm pretty weirded out by what's going with
me and the girl I like. The girl's name is Karen, she told me about a month in a half ago that she likes me but also likes another boy named Sebastian who is one of my best friends. Now a month went by and she says she hate/likes Sebastian. Sebastian called me retarded, Karen called Sebastian retarded and then Sebastian and Karen are suddenly flirting again despite tension. Somebody tell me what the heck is going on! This is driving me crazy.
Ksaac (58431)
26 days ago
I love you karleigh I would die for you
Rainbows~ (74154)
27 days ago
On question 9 it asked what I like about her and I was like "where's the ' everything' option?"
I knowIhavesuchahugecrushendmenow
a girl 2 (17290)
27 days ago
i love this guy. people make fun out of us two. he smiles at me and he trys to flirt with me and make me laugh . i do. everytime i pass by, he and his mates stare at me. i don,t get boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still love him. they say we look good together even thought i am 2 months older than him.
me: 24/12/2005
he is the same religon as me and i am the only girl in that year group who is a girl of that religon.
i hope he likes me back.his friends try to talk with me and we all get along together but when it coems to us two we stare at eachother but not talk
Barry Allen (26750)
28 days ago
She kicked a guy in the balls for me. Also started a stampede for me
Anonymos (45822)
29 days ago
I can't stop thinking about you Lucia Tuiqereqere
Aeris (23675)
29 days ago
I love you Zennan
Hannah (90962)
29 days ago
I love you Heather. I am a girl. I'm gay as hell. Heather, I love you. I sit next to you in band. You're so beautiful and amazing. I love you.

- Hannah ❤️
A Girl (67790)
29 days ago
I was taking this for my crush but apparently I can't decide if I like him or not
Ferarri (27411)
31 days ago
This quiz works so well ! I test quizzes like this for the opposite gender so I know!
Jim Hendrix (30571)
31 days ago
I’ve been looking at your most recent comment, The Man From Tokyo Road, and analyzing it, mostly because Fact no Experience and Sensible 16 y/o have taken a particular interest in you, and I’m hopings to shed some light. I’m 25, and proposing to my girlfriend tomorrow, so I have the knowledge that you 3 are looking for.

My guess, by “Oh Come on! Eh. I guess I haven’t been the most outgoing/extroverted person. What can I say? Whenever I’m around her, I get nervous, and my body (including my vocal chords, usually) shut down, because I’m afraid I’m gonna say something stupid that will get me kicked to the road.” is you’ve never been in a relationship, and have taken special interest in this girl, but don’t know what to do.

“I want to tell her that she doesn’t need earrings to look beautiful. Or that she’ll never have trouble getting a boyfriend. But I’m at best chiming in on her conversations- not eavesdroppingss.- every other day at school I sit almost directly across from her. At worst, I shoot out a few winks. My best shot at winning her heart is the carnation I bought for her. It’s not fair for her or me if we’re not gonna get things going (in regards to potential relationship). For her, she’ll be stuck with someone who doesn’t care half as much about her as I do. For me, the girl that I dedicated my heart to will go into the world without me. 💔😢😪 Another Valentine’s Day come and gone. “ You truly care for her, and are trying to make your public image look better, by making others worse people than they are in reality. (Dude, I tried that in high school. It NEVER works.)

Last few sentences, were pretty much meant for yourself, as a little condolence. Write that in a journal or something. Never online. Your feelings might get wrongly conveyed, and you get called called a weirdo or a creeper. Maybe they were conveyed the right way, but still, leave that stuff in your mind. Or on a piece of paper.
Fact no Experience (93808)
32 days ago

"Man From Tokyo Road", would you like advice? I like helpings people, and I would love to help you out.

Oh, and I only had 3 crushes, so not much experience right now, but I have FACTS!