Does SHE like YOU back?

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You've taken a few of these "Does she like you?" quizzes. What do they all say? Nothing the same. One quiz says that she isn't interested and another quiz says that she is totally in love with you. This quiz is different. I'm a guy who has a lot of friends that are girls, I have four sisters, and thirteen girl cousins. Trust me, I would know. There are 25 questions. Answer honestly to get a more accurate answer.

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    Has she ever offered you anything?

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Mr anonymus (97003)
387 days ago
I hope this is accurate
Mr anonymus (97003)
387 days ago
My girls name is Amanda and it said she loves me in i guess sort of in a stalker way but she is mad for me and i suck at fighting but she can break someones leg
NiceMan (89135)
451 days ago
Poem: When I saw her eyes I didn't believe in lies, and when the guy who loved her found out the truth, he hated her so much he didn't have the loot. So I'm next in the line, I can rhyme and I never waste time! I hope she loves me as much as I do, I would die for he love so she loves me too....
NiceMan (89135)
451 days ago
My result said that she likes me more then a friend but cannot decide if she is in love with me, I hope she is... She is my dream
NiceMan (89135)
451 days ago
My crushe's name is Eliza. She is short but is very nice, blonde and when gets annoyed talks in a disgusted way (with no voice) a boy used to like her and she lied about liking him so he would 💗, now he hates her, and I'm next in the line to be with her, I hope she loves me...
A mere waste of air. (40126)
462 days ago
She likes me I suppose. Her name is Sumino, some short-ish girl who caught my eye since the 6th grade. As a mere waste of air I can't possibly talk to her too often, unless she were asking me something. She keeps looking at me during this one class, and looks away the instant I notice. Just maybe she likes me, but what do I know? Only time will tell.
Ryan (12058)
463 days ago
I like this girl named Isabella i have liked her ever since i moved to thiss school i think she likes this other guy named josh, but idk what she thinks of me :(
Skyler (38128)
508 days ago
she likes me! :)
Her name is Kylie and she's so badass. It's so hot. Also I suck at fighting and she can knock the outta someone so she can perfect me lol. We are both 15 and we have almost all the same classes. I've always wondered if she liked me the same way o like her. Hopefully this quiz is truthful. Her and her friends are the most popular girls on our whole school and me and my friends basically rule the guys section lol. JOCKS FOR THE WIN. But she's so pretty and I don't mean to b a creep but it's so cute when she's with her friends in the halls and they make her laugh :D My friends are really cool with her and she's cool with them cuz they pay her to beat ppl up for them lol but I'm not to sure of what her friends think of me? :( I love her so much, I just wish she would realize.
Little nathan (18040)
563 days ago
OMG SHE LIKES ME! shes always saying stuff like "But I dont like you"
Micheal (35627)
600 days ago
She likes me! Her name is Sienna and she and I have a little joke about fishes! It's an inside joke though. But she is so sweet!
Daniel (43468)
604 days ago
Yay she likes me! I thought she did. Her name is Lizzie.
Jason (54251)
617 days ago
This is greatly accurate. Thank you. :D
Michael (13035)
621 days ago
That is quite a accurate result im not dating this girl but i like her a lot and her name is Janice. She is Hungarian and i am Polish and Russian. We are both 12 1/2 and she talks to me a bit but not really nervously. we only see each other in 2 classes and in the hallways but i know for a fact she likes me as a friend but for her to love me is a mystery. I got this result.She can't decide. She likes you more than a friend but she's not sure if she likes you. Take advantage of this! Flirt. Be nice. She does have a thing for you though. So if you can comment back to me if she likes me or not then please tell me