Paper Mario 1

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Test your knowledge on the Nintendo 64 video game Paper Mario 1?

  • 1
    Who is the boss you fight in Princess Peach's castle, you lose to him the first time, but you have to beat him the second time to beat the game and rescue Princess Peach?
    King Goomba
    Kammy Koopa
    Koopa Bros.
    Jr. Troopa
    King Bowser
  • 2
    What boss do you fight in King Bowser's Castle as Twink and Princess Peach?
    Mecha Bowser
    Kammy Koopa
    Koopa Bros.
    Jr. Troopa
    King Bowser
  • 3
    What boss do you fight on Lavalava Island inside of the volcano called Mt. Lavalava to rescue the Star Spirit before the volcano erupts and washes away Yoshi Village?
    Hurt Plant
    Lava Petite
    Lava Bud
    Lava Piranha
    Spear Guy
  • 4
    What boss do you fight in Shy Guy's Toy Box along with his allies, Shy Squad, Shy Stack, and Stilt Guy. After you beat this boss you will rescue another Star Spirit?
    Spy Guy
    Pyro Guy
    Anti Guy
    General Guy
    Fly Guy
  • 5
    What boss do you fight Koopa Village inside of their own fortress to rescue the second Star Spirit. Their is a Red, Green, Yellow, and Black Ninja Bosses?
    Toad Bros.
    Hammer Bros.
    Fire Bros.
    Goomba Bros.
    Koopa Bros.
  • 6
    Who is boss you fight in Flower Fields to rescue your next Star Spirit?
    Wise Wisterwood
    Huff N Puff
    Tuff Puff
  • 7
    Who is the boss you fight with Red Goomba and Blue Goomba?
    Tubba Blubba
    King Goomba
    Crystal King
  • 8
    Before you fight Tubba Blubba, who do you fight that controls Tubba Blubba and once you beat him Tubba Blubba is now not invincible?
    Tubba Blubba's Bladder
    Tubba Blubba's Kidney
    Tubba Blubba's Heart
    Tubba Blubba's Brain
    Tubba Blubba's Lung
  • 9
    What boss do you fight and receive a badge for defeating him?
    Super Blooper
    Big Lantern Ghost
    Gourmet Guy
    Anti Guy
  • 10
    What boss do you fight in Dry, Dry Desert inside the tomb in the mysterious Dry, Dry Ruins to rescue yet another Star Spirit?
    Electro Blooper
    The Master

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