The Four Elements

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There are four main elements, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Each of these elements have there own characteristics and personality traits. And, of course, all of us share some of these traits. Have you ever wondered what element you are? Then this is the test for you!

  • 1
    Alright, the first question is easy, which would you rather not be?
    Alright, the first question is easy, which would you rather not be?
  • 2
    How would your friends describe you as?
    Friendly, but serious
    Popular, but sweet
    Spunky, but protective
    Mellow, but energetic
  • 3
    How would you describe yourself?
    I'm a day-dreaming romantic who wants to make a difference.
    I know exactly what I want from life and am determined to get it.
    I'm out-going, and always seem to be busy, but love to shake things up.
    I'm honest (perhaps brutally so) and always keep my word.
  • 4
    Someone you know says something really mean to you. You...
    Say something really rude, maybe throw in a few punches.
    Say something back. They want to have a battle of words? They're on...
    Don't do anything at all.
    Don't say anything, and tell your friends everything that happened later.
  • 5
    You watch as someone says something really rude to your friend. You...
    Beat that crap out of them.
    Quietly talk to the person and your friend until it's all sorted out...
    Start fighting with your own words. No one messes with your friends!
    Snap back, then let your friend cry on your shoulder later.
  • 6
    When it comes to your appearance you...
    Have the cutest clothes, shoes, and hairstyles.
    Have your own style, though it's anything but feminine
    Couldn't care less...
    Know a lot about such things and spend a lot of time trying to look your best.
  • 7
    When it comes to guys you...
    Have boyfriends upon occasion (why do people make this such a big deal?)
    Plan carefully every move and every casual flirt...
    Are sometimes kind of shy when you like a guy...
    Are a true romantic, but guys are usually just friends...
  • 8
    At this very instant, your bedroom is...
    Very cute, comfortable, and fits you and the world perfectly...
    Slightly cluttered, but it contains everything you're passionate for...
    Classy and perfectly clean...
    You're not sure the actual color of your carpet, it's so messy...
  • 9
    You like to spend your free time...
    With people you love...
    Listening to music.
    Watching T.V.
    Curled outside, with a good book...
  • 10
    Your future husband will be...
    Supportive and understanding of your high ambitions
    Fun to be around, handsome, and talented.
    Romantic, honest, and fun loving
    You're best friend
  • 11
    Of the princesses which do you think you'd be?
    Meg (Hercules) or Mulan
    Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty
    Jasmine or Pocahontas
    Belle or Ariel
  • 12
    If you could be in any time period, you would want to be...
    Into the Future!
    1800's...pretty clothes, yet technology
    Modern, of course!
    Medieval Times...
  • 13
    Which of these Disney characters would you be?
    Maleficent! (sleeping beauty)
    Lady (lady and the tramp)
    Jane (tarzan)
  • 14
    Are you a touchy person?
    When I know someone
    Of course! *hugs*
    Sometimes, with a few people

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