Green Day: A quiz like the rest

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This, as you may have realised, is a quiz for GREEN DAY, the band. I most likely have questions that someone else has used before. But, you know, it's new, it's exciting, it's fresh...TO THE QUIZZING!

  • 1
    When did the band that we now know as Green Day form?
  • 2
    In 1994, what "queercore" band did Green Day travel with as there opening band?
    The Emetics
    Scissor Sisters
    The Living End
    Pansy Division
    Chip Weasel
  • 3
    Green Day were in an annual top 100 countdown that has been going for many years in Australia, coming in at #61, with Jesus Of Suburbia. What is the name of the countdown?
    St. Australia Days Hottest 100
    Australia's Top 100
    Peace 100
    Aussie Annual 100
    Triple J's Hottest 100
  • 4
    What New Wave band with 5 members supposedly has Green Day in it, and in which Billie Joe refers to himself as "Fink"?
    The Network
    The Pinheads
    Rat Trap
    Wild Country
    Black Humour
  • 5
    Though "Knowledge" is said to be written by Billie Joe Armstrong, it actually wasn't. Who wrote it?
    Tim Armstrong
    Mike Dirnt
    Al Sobrante
    Jason White
    Adrienne Nesser
  • 6
    In Bullet in a Bible, only 14 songs where selected to be on the DVD and CD. How many songs did they choose from?
  • 7
    Who is the only member of Green Day to be Punk'd?
    Tre Cool
    Mike Dirnt
    Billie Joe Armstrong
  • 8
    What number was Billie Joe when he played football in high school?
  • 9
    Who got there skull fracture because someone smashed a beer bottle over there head?
    Tre Cool
    Mike Dirnt
    Billie Joe
  • 10
    Around the time of Dookie, the members of Green Day were stressing, reportedly. One member went to a bar, got drunk, and got a bit miffy. When the bar chick said "Just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you can treat people like that," (or something to that affect.) The band member spun out and threw potatoes, running off. Who was this member?
    Tre Cool
    Mike Dirnt
    Billie Joe
  • 11
    Sesame Street threatened to sue Green Day. Why?
    Because they got the name "Green Day" from watching Sesame Street
    Because they have a lyric knocking Sesame Street
    Because Billie Joe used to put on Elmos voice in concert
    Because on the back of Dookie there is Ernie on the back
  • 12
    Weird Al Yankovic covered Basketcase. What was the name of his song?
    Picnic Basket
    Alternative Polka
    Pencil Sharpener
  • 13
    In "Dry Ice", at the end you can here the band screaming "YES! YES! YES!". Why?
    Because they felt like it
    Because it's the lyrics
    Because there wives had been calling them repeatedly asking if they were coming home and the reply was "YES!"
    Because they kept stuffing up and where happy to get it done
    Because it had been a long day and that was the final song
  • 14
    Mike Dirnt has a slight obsession with stars. But does his daughters name, Estelle, mean Star?
    I don't know so I'll just click this
  • 15
    Now, finally, I'll just make sure you weren't taking this test because...YOU HAD NOTHING ELSE TO DO.
    What are the names of the members of Green Day?
    Hammy, Sammy, and Tammy
    Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Ryan Pritchard, Frank Edwin Wright III
    Billie Joel Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tres Cool
    Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool

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