What do your brothers/sisters think of you?

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Do they think you are nice or do they think you are annoying? What do they really think of you?

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    What do you do if there is only one ice cream left?
    I let my sibling have it only if he/she does my laundry for a week.
    I give it to my sibling.
    I cut it in half.
    I grab it and run.
    I give it to them or I don't. It depends on my mood.
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    You and your sibling are shooting each other with water guns. All of a sudden he/she falls and cuts their knee. You:
    laugh quietly so they don't see me.
    squirt him/her with your water gun and laugh because he/she can't defend him/herself.
    wait until they feel good enough to start playing again.
    help them up.
    run over and help them.
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    If your sister/brother is telling you about how mean your crush is what do you say?
    Well he/she's not mean to me and I don't care if you like him/her!
    You're annoying me.
    Nothing. Who cares?
    Okay, I'll stay away from him. Thanks for letting me know.
    Well your crush isn't very nice either!
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    If you are fighting with your sibling do you ever start laughing if they say something really stupid? If you do, then do they get mad that you aren't being serious?
    I laugh and sometimes they laugh too and sometimes they get mad at me.
    Yeah I laugh and they get really mad at me. Whatever. I amuse myself.
    I don't laugh but I laugh when we're done fighting.
    I don't laugh. I just keep fighting.
    I don't laugh. I try to solve the problem.
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    Does your sibling embarrass you?
    They can but I embarrass them too apparently.
    Not usually. When she/he does it's not intentional.
    No. I embarrass them.
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    It's a stormy night and your little sibling is really scared. He/She comes into your room and asks you if he/she can stay with you until the storm is over. What do you do?
    I let them stay and then they have to leave half way through the storm.
    I say "Go away, I'm tired."
    I let them stay until the storm ends. After that they have to leave.
    I say, "Do whatever you want. Just leave me alone."
    I let them stay and I tell a funny story so they'll feel better.
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    What do you do at the breakfast table each morning?
    I talk to my sibling and eat my breakfast.
    I make breakfast for my sibling and me.
    I don't eat near my sibling.
    I fling some yogurt or something at one of my siblings because they're getting on my nerves.
    I eat my breakfast.
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    If your younger sibling is watching a show on T.V. and you really want to watch something what do you do?
    I give them a dollar if they let me watch the T.V.
    I annoy them so they can't hear their show. Finally they'll get mad and leave. Then I have the T.V. all to myself.
    I let them watch their show. My show might be on another time.
    I pick them up off the couch, take the clicker from them, and I change the channel. If they get mad I ignore them. That simple.
    I ask them if I can watch T.V. If they say no I go do something else.
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    What do you think of your siblings?
    I love them and I try to make them happy.
    Over all, their okay.
    I don't know.
    They're annoying and they try to ruin my life.
    Some days I hate them and other days they're someone to talk to.
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    If someone at school was calling your sibling stupid what would you do?
    I wouldn't do anything.
    I would stick up for them and say that they're not stupid even though sometimes I think they are.
    I would ask them to stop.
    I would get mad and tell them to stop.
    I would laugh. They're right!

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Mikayla Schramm ( 2.158 )
Posted 107 days ago
I'm the youngest of the family and I know my older brother and sister hate my because once it was my birthday and I said I can't believe I was turning ten and they said oh i thought you were turning 8 and when I try to talk to them nicely they will just be mean to me and bully me and also right after i dyed my hair they were drinking lemonade and they poured the whole pitcher on me,my new hair,and my new clothes that is how I know they hate me :(
donnie ( 5.179 )
Posted 144 days ago
Kinda loses something in translation, i'm an only. sometimes i wish i had friends, or a sib; not sure.Oh, i got results not clear,30% think you are OK. 30% you are annoying, 20% think you are mean, and 0% think you are fair. Maybe i'd've made a not bad bro?
Elizabeth Brown ( 4.216 )
Posted 162 days ago
It hurts my feelings i started crying, he also pretends i'm a ghost, and he just hurts my feelings really bad. i will call him out on it and he gets mad at me and says some really hurtful things.
MY OLDER BROTHER HATES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Brown ( 4.216 )
Posted 162 days ago
i can tell my older brother hates me because he was talking to his friend and said " i'm talking to my sister, well i think she is my sister."