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  • 1
    Have you ever had sex?
    No, not even with myself
    Yes, but only with myself
    Yes, with someone else and myself
  • 2
    Have you ever had sex with yourself in front of someone else?
    No, Never!
    Yes, once
    No, but I have in front of a mirror
    Yes, sometimes
    Yes, all the time
  • 3
    Ever used a sex toy?
    Yes, every night
    Yes, once or twice
    No, never... but I want to!
    No, never and I DON'T want to!
    Yes, on myself and my partner!
  • 4
    Do you drink alcohol regularly?
    No, never I'm teetotal
    Yes, every weekend
    Only if I'm with a responsible adult!
    Yes, but only with a meal or on special occasions
  • 5
    Do you have a criminal record?
    Yes, but only for minor offences
    Yes, I'm a mass murderer
    No, but I have done illegal things
    No, I'm law-abiding
  • 6
    Ever publically revealed yourself?
    Only when influenced by drugs or alcohol
    Yes all the time, all my body!
    No, never!
    Yes, but only accidentally
    When I was on strike for animal testing
  • 7
    Ever had sex in public?
    No, but I intend to!
    Yes, once or twice!
    Only when drunk or influenced by a drug of sorts
    No, I'm a virgin!
    Yes, frequently.. It's thrilling!
  • 8
    Ever had phone sex?
    Yes, with my boyfriend/girlfriend/friend
    I intend to!
    Yes, using one of those ads from the backs of magazines
    No, never that's gross!
    Yes, but only to impress someone
  • 9
    Which of these applies to you...
    I have tried some drugs but regret it
    I have never done drugs
    I have done Class C drugs and below
    I have done Class A drugs and below
    I have done Class B drugs and below
  • 10
    Do you watch/buy/download porn?
    Yes, sometimes
    Yes, often
    Yes, once or twice
    No, never porno is disgusting
    Yes, accidentally though
  • 11
    Worst reason for dumping someone?
    I didn't love them anymore
    I found out they were the town bike
    I've never had a relationship
    I'd already had sex with them/I used them
    I've never dumped anybody, I've always been the person to be dumped
  • 12
    Ever dumped someone because they were crap in bed?
    No, I stuck with them
    Yes, but regret it because they were a nice person
    Yes, and then told them they were bad in bed
    Yes, and made them a laughing stock of the city by telling everyone
    I've never had sex!
  • 13
    Do you believe in marriage before having sex?
    Yes, definitely!
    No, but I respect people with that value
    Yes, but I would like to have sex before marriage but I can't because it's part of my religion
    No, but I only believe in having sex if your in love
    No, it's for losers
  • 14
    Ever made someone cry?
    No, I wouldn't ever hurt anyone
    Yes, physically without mercy
    Yes, emotionally without mercy
    Yes emotionally/physically but they deserved it
    Only accidentally
  • 15
    Were you a bit of a bully at school?
    Yes, but only in good humor, not to intentionally hurt someone
    No, but I hung around with the kids that bullied others and never tried to stop it
    No, I was bullied
    Yes I abused many people at school, even made them cry
  • 16
    Ever done a sexy striptease?
    Yes, but only to myself in the mirror
    No, never!
    Yes, in public
    Yes regularly for my boyfriend/girlfriend!
    No, but I want to!
  • 17
    Did you first drink/smoke underage or legally?
    I did both underage
    I don't do either
    I smoked underage, but didn't drink till it was legal
    I did both when it was legal
    I drank underage, but didn't smoke till it was legal
  • 18
    Dd you have sex before the legal age limit?
    Yes, but I regret it
    Yes, but only because me and my partner were in love
  • 19
    Pick your favourite things...
    Sex, love and laughing
    Life, laughter and happiness
    Drugs, self-love and porn
    Sex, drugs, drink
  • 20
    Are you religious?
    Believe in god, but don't belong to a religion
    Don't believe in god, no religion
    Love god, and I am very religious
    Lost faith

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