What jewelry designer is right for you?

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Jewelry is a personal reflection of your inner style. Please answer the following questions with honesty, tell us what attracts you, and receive a glimpse of what designer may be right for you.

  • 1
    Describe your clothing wardrobe:
    Denim, nubuck leather, classic 501's with scotch guard coating, innovative traditional.
    Shabby Chic, knits, Capri's splashes of color, modern casual.
    Leather, Lace, High heels, Combat boots, antique sun dresses.
    Crisp, clean, straight lines, monochromatic.
    Raw silk, patent leather, linen, hearken to a more classic era.
  • 2
    What type of home would you choose to live in:
    Modern, Chrome, Glass, Leather, Polished Concrete.
    Palatial, travertine floors, stained mahogany, floral arrangements.
    Midtown brownstone, wood floors, throw rugs, original impressionists on the walls.
    Contemporary renovated building, maybe an old schoolhouse or fire station.
    Loft with leather curtains, velvet rugs, and everything in it built or mod'ed by me.
  • 3
    You’ve won a free car, you can take your pick from the following:
    Rolls Royce Wraith, fully re-furbished, Bordeaux and black.
    Bentley coupe, Hunter Green and anthracite leather.
    BMW 8 series, classic black.
    El dorado, with custom shocks, a new interior, fat tires, and a page of "pick it yourself" options.
    Lotus roadster, gunmetal silver and blood red leather.
  • 4
    Pick your fashion (accessory) designer of choice:
    Steve Madden
    Mix and match
    Vera Wang
  • 5
    What is it "All about"?
    Grace and pedigree
    Confidence and presence
    Being me
    Control and excellence
    Innovation and skill
  • 6
    The house is on fire, you run back in to save:
    That signed first edition
    The little black dress
    The Computer
    The Tiffany Lamp
    The hedgehog/purse/shoes/...what else can I carry?
  • 7
    I would rather:
    Attend an uptown gallery opening with friends
    Watch a master craftsman in action
    Lecture about or listen to a lecture about neo-aestheticism.
    Why not all in one weekend?
    Taste wine with family and listen to classical violin
  • 8
    Your element is:
  • 9
    When is "enough enough"?
    When it is unnecessary
    When the mind cannot keep up
    When the eye is distracted
    When it looks awkward
    Never enough. Unless its too much.
  • 10
    If I am paying for it, it had better be:
    well made
    it had better be ALL of those things
    well cultured

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