Are You Easily Embarrassed?

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What causes you to hang your head?

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    Today you are riding your bike around the town. Suddenly you swerve and fall down in front of a lot of people. They all start laughing. How do you feel?
    I blush, but then I get right back up.
    I feel really embarrassed. I am so embarrassed I cannot lift my head.
    I get up and laugh at myself.
  • 2
    You are in a fine restaurant. Suddenly you let a really loud fart. How do you feel?
    I just laugh and say Woo wee! Too much beans for me!
    I blush slightly and then say excuse me.
    I turn beet red.
  • 3
    You are at a kid's birthday party. Suddenly one of the children come up and pee on you. How do you feel?
    Humiliated. Everyone is laughing at me.
    I don't feel much shame as I do anger.
    Slightly embarrassed, but I get over it.
  • 4
    Someone wants you to dress up as Barney. No one will know it is you. Yet how do you feel?
    Embarrassed, but if only we two will know then I guess it is ok.
    Degraded. I don't care if no one else will know. I don't want to be humiliated like that.
  • 5
    Your Grandma visits you at a family reunion. Next thing you know she has you on her lap and is going Kootchy Kootchy Koo while tickling you under the chin. Everyone is watching and she starts giving you raspberries. How do you feel?
    I feel real embarrassed, but I play along with her. Hey, I won't always have her.
    I am so humiliated I start to cry.
    I feel rather annoyed. I am not a baby!
  • 6
    You are in the changing rooms at Walmart. You are in your undies. Suddenly someone opens the door. How do you feel?
    Embarrassed. I love my privacy.
    I close the door and keep changing.
    I blush, but I laugh it off.
  • 7
    You get pulled over by a cop. Turns out you have been speeding for 5 miles. How do you feel?
    Embarrassed, but I deserve it.
    No shame. I just try to get by without a ticket.
    Humiliated. All those other drivers are laughing and pointing at me.
  • 8
    You are jumping on a trampoline in town on the front lawn with a few close friends. Suddenly you lose your shorts and underwear. You cannot stop bopping around. Eventually you do and someone has taken your clothes. How do you feel?
    Embarrassed. I chase after them.
    I skip merrily through the yard causing my friends to think I've lost it.
    Really humiliated. The cars driving by can see me naked.
  • 9
    You are caught being naughty at McDonald's. What you did is play at the Play Place when you are too big. Your uncle sees you and he has you bend over a table. He yanks down your pants till you knickers show. He gives you 30 swats. Every customer is watching. Afterwards he has you apologize to the workers and everyone else. How do you feel?
    I show no shame. I just feel disgusted.
    I turn red, but if I'm going to act like a child, what do I expect?
    I am so embarrassed. I am sobbing.
  • 10
    At the playground, you bend over while picking up a toy for your kid. While bending you let out a stinky loud fart and you lose your pants. How do you feel?
    Humiliated. Everyone can see I wear Strawberry Shortcake/Superman underwear
    Embarrassed, but I yank up my pants quickly.
    It takes me a while to pull up my pants because I'm too busy laughing.

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