How Well Do You Know the World of Harry Potter?

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This test is based on the first six books. This is for true fans. Read the questions carefully, and no cheating!

  • 1
    Which floor is Vernon Dursley’s office on? (1st book)
    The ninth
    The sixteenth
    The twelfth
    The fourth
    The seventh
  • 2
    What was the first rule for a quiet life with the Dursley's? (1st book)
    Don't touch the Dursley's things
    Don't ask questions
    Stay away from the Dursleys
    Always stay quiet
    Stay in your cupboard
  • 3
    Who wrote "A Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration?" (1st book)
    Phyllida Spore
    Arsenius Jigger
    Miranda Goshawk
    Bathilda Bagshot
    Emeric Switch
  • 4
    What day was the first Quidditch match? (1st book)
  • 5
    What flavor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean does Professor Dumbledore end up eating in the hospital wing? (1st book)
    Ear wax
  • 6
    Who were coming to the Dursley’s for a dinner party? (2nd book)
    Mrs. Figg
    Mr. & Mrs. Weasley
    Aunt Marge
    Mr. & Mrs. Mason
    Mr. & Mrs. Polkiss
  • 7
    What was the headline of the Evening Prophet when Harry and Ron drove Mr. Weasley’s car? (2nd book)
    "Muggles and Ministry are Mystified"
    "Flying Ford Anglia Mystifies Muggles"
    "Flying Ford Anglia is Seen by Many Mystified Muggles"
    "Flying Car Mystifies Ministry"
    "Flying Ford Seen in Skies"
  • 8
    When was Nearly-Headless-Nick’s Deathday party? (2nd book)
    Seven o’ clock on October 31st
    Nine o’ clock on October 31st
    Seven o’ clock on October 30th
    Seven-thirty on October 31st
    Eight o’ clock on October 30th
  • 9
    Who was Hermione’s dueling partner? (2nd book)
    Justin-Finch Fletchley
    Pansy Parkinson
    Lavender Brown
    Millicent Bulstrode
    Neville Longbottom
  • 10
    What is Gilderoy Lockheart’s ideal birthday present? (2nd book)
    Create harmony between wizards and muggles
    A large bottle of Ogden’s Old Firewhiskey
    Rid the world of evil
    A set of lilac dress robes
    Market his own hair products
  • 11
    What room does Harry stay in at the Leaky Cauldron? (3rd book)
    Room 11
    Room 13
    Room 9
    Room 33
    Room 21
  • 12
    What color are Buckbeak’s eyes? (3rd book)
  • 13
    How much did Arthur Weasley win in the Daily Prophet Grand Prize Galleon Draw? (3rd book)
    1700 galleons
    10000 galleons
    700 galleons
    1000 galleons
    500 galleons
  • 14
    What did Ron get Harry for his 13th birthday? (3rd book)
    Broomstick servicing kit
    Honeyduke’s sweets
    Things from Zonko’s Joke Shop
    The "Monster Book of Monsters"
  • 15
    Where was Sirius Black being held? (3rd book)
    North Tower
    McGonagall’s office, sixth floor
    Flitwick’s office, seventh floor
    Astronomy Tower
    Snape’s office, dungeon
  • 16
    How many children did the muggle Mr. Robert’s have? (4th book)
    Four children
    Three children
    One child
    No children
    Two children
  • 17
    How far can the Hungarian Horntail breathe fire? (4th book)
    60 feet
    30 feet
    40 feet
    50 feet
    20 feet
  • 18
    How many languages can Mr. Crouch speak? (4th book)
    2000 languages
    100 languages
    500 languages
    300 languages
    200 languages
  • 19
    Who was the third person to come out of Voldemort’s wand during the Priori Incantatem? (4th book)
    Frank Bryce
    Bertha Jorkins
    Cedric Diggory
    James Potter
    Lily Potter
  • 20
    When did Sirius want Harry, Ron, and Hermione to come see him in Hogmeade? (4th book)
    Three o’ clock on Saturday
    Two o’ clock on Saturday
    One-thirty on Sunday
    One-thirty on Saturday
    Two o’ clock on Sunday
  • 21
    How many owls came to the Dursley residence on the night Harry fought the dementors? (5th book)
    3 owls
    4 owls
    2 owls
    5 owls
    6 owls
  • 22
    Which of the following was the second of Professor Umbridge’s course aims? (5th book)
    Learning to recognize situations in which defensive magic can be legally used.
    Knowing that taking out your wand in this classroom is not tolerated, as reading is what we shall do everyday.
    Understanding the principles underlying defensive magic can be legally used.
    Placing the use of defensive magic in a context for practical use.
    Understanding that theoretical education can be just as effective, if not more effective than using it in real life.
  • 23
    Whom did Dumbledore send out to find Mr. Weasley after he was attacked by a snake? (5th book)
    Phineas and Armando
    Armando and Dilys
    All four
    Everard and Dilys
    Phineas and Everard
  • 24
    How many seats behind James Potter was Sirius Black during their O.W.L. testing? (5th book)
    7 seats
    6 seats
    4 seats
    3 seats
    5 seats
  • 25
    What is the last word of the fifth book? (5th book)
  • 26
    What color wig does the Prime Minister’s painting wear? (6th book)
  • 27
    What was Tom Riddle Sr.’s companion’s name? (6th book)
  • 28
    What was the fourteenth word of Celestina Warbeck’s first song played on the radio? (6th book)
  • 29
    Which Death Eater was Ginny locked in combat with? (6th book)
    Fenrir Greyback
    Augustus Rookwood
    Antonin Dolohov
  • 30
    Who did Cormac McLaggen hunt nogtails with? (6th book)
    Uncle Tiberius, Bertie Higgs, Rufus Scrimgeour
    Uncle Tiberius, Bertie Higgs, Rufus Scrimgeour, Horace Slughorn
    Bertie Higgs and Rufus Scrimgeour
    Uncle Tiberius
    Bertie Higgs, Rufus Scrimgeour, Marcus Belby

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